Winter is setting upon us and with it what is popularly labeled ai???Seasonal Affective Disorderai??? (SAD).Ai?? Winter comes with less light, and with less light comes depression much more easily as levels of serotonin in the brain tend to fall.Ai?? Serotonin is known as the ai???happyai??? neurotransmitter, so you definitely want more of it!Ai?? One suggestion is to change your summer vacations to winter vacations (some place south, of course), but for a more practical option, try investing in ai???full spectrumai??? light bulbs (have the same quality of light as the sun due to the spread of different wavelengths).Ai?? They provide a much whiter light than normal artificial light, which is more yellow.Ai?? Yes, theyai??i??re more expensive, but they last 10 times longer and use a quarter of the electricity!

Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

Written by: Staff