Think getting your ai???beauty sleepai??? is just a catchy phrase?Ai?? A recent scientific study just released on the 14th of this month concluded that ai???sleep deprived people appear less healthy, less attractive, and more tired compared with when they are well rested. This suggests that humans are sensitive to sleep related facial cues, with potential implications for social and clinical judgments and behaviour ai??i?? lending the first scientific support to the concept of ai???beauty sleepai??i??ai???. Taking part in the study were ai???23 healthy, sleep deprived adults (age 18-31) who were photographed and 65 untrained observers (age 18-61) who rated the

Getting enough sleep (at least approximately 7 hours) can be difficult for any Brain Type, but FRs seem to especially have a difficult time shutting off the light (and shutting off their brains).Ai?? Sleep deprivation can not only make you look worse, but it can lead to high blood pressure, being overweight, and a host of severe psychiatric problems.Ai?? In fact, scientists previously believed psychiatric problems triggered sleep issues, but recent research from psychologist Matthew Walker of the University of California, Berkeley, suggests the reverse is the case.Ai?? The lack of shut-eye is causing the psychological disturbances.Ai?? “Almost all psychiatric disorders show some problems with sleep,ai??? he says.

So, get your sleep, especially you Front / Right brainers.

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Beauty sleep: experimental study on the perceived health and attractiveness of sleep deprived peopleParticipants were photographed after a normal nightai??i??s sleep (eight hours) and after sleep deprivation (31 hours of wakefulness after a night of reduced sleep). The photographs were presented in a randomised order and rated by untrained observers. – Click For Article –