If we may be so bold, please don’t censure us as we gingerly address the “holy grail” of morning delights.

Are you a coffee drinker?Ai?? Thinking of becoming one for increased energy and a clearer mind in the mornings?Ai?? Stop for a moment and think about this.Ai?? Coffeeai??i??s secret weapon, of course, is caffeine, and caffeine blocks the receptors for a brain chemical called ai???adenosine.ai???Ai?? This chemicalai??i??s function is to stop the release of dopamine and adrenaline (both motivating neurotransmitters).Ai?? So whatai??i??s wrong with that?Ai?? Isnai??i??t it a good thing to have more dopamine and adrenaline?

No, itai??i??s not.Ai?? Keep drinking and over time your body will slowly become dull to its own natural stimulants, making you completely dependent on, yes, your coffee.Ai?? You will then need more of it to feel normal as your body keeps pushing itself to produce more and more dopamine and adrenaline.Ai?? The result?Ai?? Your body gives out, and you experience ai???Adrenal Exhaustion.ai???Ai?? Depression sets in, anxiety increases, and you are worse off than before you began your Columbian cruise.

Some studies have even shown that coffee drinkers do not feel any better than non-coffee drinkers.Ai?? It is only the symptoms of withdrawal from coffee that causes people to think coffee makes them feel better.Ai?? The irony is almost humorous if it wasnai??i??t so tragic.Ai?? In short, drinking coffee relieves the unpleasant sensations of withdrawal from coffee.

Though there are benefits from coffee consumption, there are also many liabilities, and some very health depleting.Ai?? Research has shown that coffee restricts blood flow in the brain, especially affecting gray matter.Ai?? When this occurs, cognitive function decreases while emotions increase.Ai?? Coffee can also have a negative effect on common psychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, and even ADD.

Lastly, coffee can even disturb your normal sleeping patterns, thanks to the stimulant ai???theophylline.ai???Ai?? If you are a coffee drinker and experience troubles with insomnia, this perhaps may be the culprit.

If you are highly dependent on coffee already, there are wise alternatives that can match its benefits, and more, while eliminating its negative effects. For starters, try vigorous aerobic exercise, dopamine boosting foods and supplements, and perhaps green tea.

Just another suggestion from your friendly i-Health blog.Ai?? Thanks for stopping by.

Written by: Staff