Spring is on its way, and if you have been using the excuse that it has been too cold outside to exercise, no more excuses.Ai?? In previous i-Health articles we have briefly mentioned that exercise is good for both your body and brain, but we thought you should know some more details so as to further inspire you to get out and get moving.

When it comes to what exercise can physically do to the brain, research involving mice has shown that aerobic fitness (running) increases the number of new cells formed in the hippocampus, which is the region of the brain crucial for learning and memory.Ai?? Also, in a study conducted in 2006, 59 random-selected older adults were assigned to an aerobic fitness program for 6 months.Ai?? Their brains were scanned before and after the program, and the results were fascinating.Ai?? The brain volume of those involved increased in several areas, principally in the frontal and temporal areas of the brain involved in executive control and memory processes.Ai?? Based on the mice research, they suspect the volume changes may be due to an increased number of blood vessels and an increased number of connections between neurons.

In terms of energy level, it is no secret that ai???Bai??i??s are comparatively on the lower end of the spectrum, and exercise DOES increase energy.Ai?? How?Ai?? The more you move, the more your heart beats, pumping blood from the heart and lungs to the rest of the body.Ai?? In your blood is the secret ingredient … oxygen.Ai?? Oxygen is what allows your muscles to move, your brain to think, etc. When your body is oxygenated, you will feel vibrant and alive, and the more you exercise, the more efficient your heart becomes at pumping blood and transporting this life-giving energy.

But whether you are Front-brain dominant or Back-brain dominant, exercise is nothing short of crucial for your brain and body health.Ai?? Make it a top priority in your day to day life.

Written By: Staff
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