The ongoing debate over the harmful affects (or not so harmful) of cell phones is indeed a heated one.Ai?? We will not necessarily be attempting to convince our readers of one side or the other presently, but we wanted to point out a recent article that sheds a unique light on the topic.Ai?? It comes from, and is titled, “Cell phones and health? A debate worth having.” The article cites a report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

“Researchers at the National Institutes of Health found that in healthy volunteer participants, cell phone exposure was associated with increased metabolism of glucose in the region of the brain closest to the antenna. So as CNET blogger Lance Whitney put it, the study suggested that cell phone use ‘excites’ the brain … Whether that increased brain activity is harmful, however, remains to be seen.”

As the article goes on to point out, the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association)is correct to highlight that the study makes no conclusions as to whether cell phones are harmful. Yet, dwelling on that point misses the most significant aspect of the study, which is that cell phone use can affect how your brain functions, even temporarily.

This point is a unique and powerful one.Ai?? Cell phones, without debate, “excite” the brain to increase the metabolism of glucose.Ai?? This is observable science.Ai?? Dr. Devra Davis, an epidemiologist, environmental health researcher, and founder of Environmental Health Trust, described the finding as stunning. “This demonstrates that cell phone use affects brain activity.”

As we have continually endeavored to emphasize in i-Health, brain and body health are of equal importance.Ai?? You alone are responsible for both.Ai?? “Is it worth the risk?” is something to ask ourselves. Putting somebody on speaker is always an option.Ai?? Also, there are a hundred varieties of ear-pieces available on the market.Ai?? These are just two small ways to play it safe.Ai?? You have nothing to lose, and at the very least, will gain peace of mind.

Written by: Staff
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