When we get overweight, we diet.Ai?? When we diet, we eat less, or we neglect certain foods in order to lose the weight.Ai?? This can be a good thing, and it can be a bad thing.Ai?? Why?Ai?? Because of autophagy.Ai?? In clearer terms, your brain may literally be eating itself.

Due to a lack of nutrition as dieters try to lose weight, the brain reacts by eating its own cells, causing the feeling of hunger to grow even stronger, scientists claim at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.Ai?? The body responds by producing fatty acids, which in turn raises the hunger signal in the brain and increases your desire to eat (even metabolism is slowed down).Ai?? Most brain cells keep their autophagy at a steady level and don’t respond to starvation, yet these appetite-sensing neurons are different in that they are the only known brain cells to ramp up autophagy in times of starvation.Ai?? Tests performed on mice found that, when preventing their brain cells from eating themselves, levels of hunger remained constant in response to starvation.Ai?? The chemical change in their brains even caused the mice to become lighter and slimmer after a period of fasting, the researchers reported in the journal Cell Metabolism.

So how do we make sense of all this?Ai?? For one, simply not eating or eating less is not necessarily the healthiest way to lose weight in terms of your brain.Ai?? The last thing we all want to do is compromise our brains while improving our bodies, so diets that allow one to eat more consistently (though differently) are optimal.

Consider, also, how diet can affect one’s cognitive functions.Ai?? For example, ‘Betty’ and ‘Suzy’ both possess the same Brain Type. Betty always diets and Suzy doesnai??i??t.Ai?? Though Betty may find some health benefits in dieting, excessive dieting will reduce neurons and jeopardize her brain.Ai?? Not only will her brain send hungry distress signals at a higher rate, causing her more anxiety, but even her personality and behavior will begin to alter, both from stress and the fact that her brain is literally eating itself (in turn causing her to be more unlike her same BT friend).Ai?? As we have stated time and time again, personality is subject to sway in the great winds of nurture, and diet should even be included in this nurture equation, especially in terms of energy level and “extravertedness” vs. “introvertedness.” There is indeed still much to be learned and discovered in the wayward world of personality.

Of course, the findings are causing a stir of high hopes for new dieting programs.Ai?? We’ll just have to wait and see what turns up.Ai?? In the meantime, we need to remember that some BTs find it much easier to control their weight than others.Ai?? Left-brainers definitely have the advantageai??i??especially the ones wired for Inanimate analysis.Ai?? This includes Typesai??i?? #7, #8, #15 and #16.Ai?? Weai??i??re hopeful that Jon Niednagel’s new book on Brain Types and healthai??i??which includes weight controlai??i??can be out soon for further clarification and assistance to the millions struggling with weight issues.

Written by: Staff
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