We all are so bogged down with the everyday concerns of life, it is difficult to just stop for a moment to reflect and make a game-plan for keeping our priorities in order, particularly when it comes to our health.Ai?? Our brains are tired, worn, and fried (sometimes literally due to excess cell phone usage, etc).Ai?? We need a written reminder placed on our refrigerators to constantly bring us back to reality.Ai?? Here, for our readers, is a simple 5-point list we want you to print out and pin somewhere.

1.Ai?? Eat well – Include fruits and veggies in your diet everyday, yet if you have any health problems, especially if youai??i??re beyond 50-years old, itai??i??s often wise to cook/steam/boil these foods so that your liver, pancreas and other vital organs donai??i??t have to work so hard (digesting the starches, etc.).
2.Ai?? Take a walk every day – A simple hike, or even spending time in the garden, can reduce the risk of dementia later in life, as well as cut down on stress and depression.
3.Ai?? Stimulate yourself – Learn a second language, use your opposite hand with your mouse, play board games, or listen to music (preferably classical).
4.Ai?? Be spiritual – Pray, meditate, read (and apply) the scriptures, and set your mind on heavenly matters.Ai?? Life’s troubles won’t get you down nearly as much when you have an unearthly perspective.
5.Ai?? Get sleep – In a country dominated by Front brainers, burning the midnight oil is common.Ai?? Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, and preferably beginning your slumber by 10 p.m.Ai?? Your immune system begins its principal work by then, and it needs the body in deep rest to function properly.

There you have it.Ai?? Although the list could be much larger, by keeping to at least these 5-points you will have better brain and overall physical health.Ai?? Don’t procrastinate.Ai?? Your life depends on it.

Written by: Staff