All right. Ai??We saw a recent article that we just had to share with Insiders. It isAi??humorous, but also somewhat helpful, because regardless of one’s Brain Type, we may not necessarily be socially gifted or as assertive as we sometimes need to be in life. Ai??In fact, there are a variety of #13 FCIRs, for instance, who talk very little (one variety being those whose minds are off in their dominant Conceptual world, and among the many other varieties being simply those who don’t “give a rip” to talk in order to be liked or accepted by others). Ai??Then, of course, there are true Back brainers who genuinely are often shy, don’t know what to say, or feel that they might be ridiculed for sharing their thoughts (namely, Back brain Animates). Ai??Whatever your design, take the following advice (which is expanded further in the link below),Ai??though some of it with a grain of salt.

One point of advice we found “accidentally” true by the article’sAi??author was when he wrote, Let it out – Being extroverted isnai??i??t something that exists in just a small percentage of the population ai??i?? itai??i??s quite the opposite. Almost every single person regularly acts in an extroverted way; itai??i??s just that the level of thisAi??behaviorAi??differs from person to person. Even if you think that you are introverted, you already subconsciously know how to be extroverted so itai??i??s just a case of bringing that character out. Allow yourself the freedom to do that ai??i?? it will make you happier.”

Yes, most people (at least in the United States) are “extroverted,” or Front brain dominant, with only the level of “extroversion” differing from person to person. Ai??BTI abandoned the old and dusty Myers Briggs terminology years ago simply because it is fundamentally meaningless – especially if you see it as inborn. Ai??You will find “extroverted” Back brainers (#6 Shaquille O’Neal) and “introverted” Front brainers (#13Ai??Henry Kissinger), largely due to a person’s nurture (and genetic variables). Ai??The surface is just that … the surface. Ai??One might equate it to studying an ant colony solely from above ground. Ai??At any rate, often times an entire family of #13s will approach Jon Niednagel and initially disbelieve that they are all “extroverts.” Ai??However, when it is sufficiently explained to them what it means to be a true Front brainer, the light in their minds goes on (also, having not lived with a Back brainer leaves them with no one to compare themselves with – and if they did they would be quite shocked!).

Anyway, enjoy the article, particularlyAi??you minority of true Back brainers.


Written by: Staff
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