He’s athletic, he’s buff, and he’s vegan. Ai??On top of that, he’s a #5 FEIR, a BT not typically known to be the most disciplined. Ai??We’re talking about Amar’e Stoudemire of the New York Knicks, and while a few weeks ago he took a small break from his vegan diet, he’s back on it and doing well.

ai???It purifies the red blood cells and eliminates toxins,ai??i??ai??i?? Stoudemire said, speaking like a #13 doctor. ai???It fortifies the blood. It helped me recover and persevere through injuries. I did that for three months. I wanted to really give myself the best opportunity to remain healthy.ai??i??ai??i??

Stoudemire says a mixture of asparagus, brussels sprouts and salads have worked wonders for him as he recovers from surgery for a banged-up knee. Ai??He’s commonly seen sitting with a plate of spinach and broccoli as his teammates down postgame pasta and sausage.

ai???I love chicken and I love Chilean seabass. I missed it. But I wanted to stay strong. Ai??Itai??i??s just rewarding to be healthy.”

It’s commendable to see a #5 with such resolve. Ai??While we may not advocate a strictly 100% vegan diet, it is wise to largely stay away from a variety of meats (fresh fish is ideal, particularly specific kinds). Ai??As Jon Niednagel mends from his battle withAi??melanoma, he has spoken with several doctors who implement both orthodox and natural therapies, one of which told him, “Many of the sickest people who come in here are vegetarians.”

Recent studies have concluded that humans do not easily process many fatty acids, including some of the oft-believed healthful onesai??i??omega 3s. Ai??Evidently ALAs do not convert easily in humans (as opposed to lab rats). Ai??So rather than being health building, theyai??i??re discovering that ingesting seeds, nuts, avocados, etc., can be very problematic for good health. Ai??Research is also revealing that eating the supposed good white meats, like chicken and turkey, can be even more detrimental. Why?Ai?? These foul are raised as grain eaters, and they cannot break down the grainai??i??s bad fatty acids either; instead they accumulate and store them in their bodies where in turn humans consume them in toxic amounts. Ai??Anything the body doesnai??i??t process well creates internal inflammation leading to all sorts of physical maladies, including the worst kinds. Though many more aspects could be mentioned, all-gluten containing grains (wheat, rye, barley, etc.) can be highly problematic for manyai??i??including vegetarians, various people groups (commonly described as races), and so on, depending upon their ancestry and genetics. Ai??For many (virtually all from a European descent), gluten damages the bowels, eventually resulting in harm to the whole body.

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