Well, the Denver Broncos are certainly on fire this season, thanks to greatest QB in NFL history,Ai??Peyton Manning. Ai??On Sunday they narrowly defeated the Dallas Cowboys 51-48, with the veteran superstar movingAi??past Dan MarinoAi??(and fellow, no surprise,Ai??#5 FEIR) in the all-time career passing yards list to go second overall with 61,371 yards.

Meanwhile,Ai??Eli Manning (#2 BEAR) and the New York Giants are having their worst start in years, losing their fifth game of the season to the Philadelphia Eagles in a 36-21 defeat. Ai??Eli’sAi??53.6 percent completion percentage in 2013 is the second lowest ever, falling just ahead of 2005 (52.6). Ai??He’sAi??thrown a career-low eight touchdowns, tied with 2010. Ai??His 12 interceptions is a career-high, easily besting 2010ai??i??s eight INTs through the first five games. Manning also already has three games of three or more interceptions this season.

And meanwhile again, what’s been going on with Carson Palmer (#4 BEAL)? Ai??As one author recently writes, “Acquired in a trade with the Oakland Raiders back in April, Palmer was supposed to bring to the table something the Cardinals had sorely missed since Kurt Warner’s 2009 retirement: a veteran quarterback with a big-play arm and an ability to make good decisions under pressure. Ai??Well, that script hasn’t exactly played out for Palmer through the first five games of this season.” Ai??This season, CarsonAi??has thrown nine interceptions (tied for second-most in the NFL) overall, including three picks in Sunday’s game against the Panthers. Ai??General manager Steven Keim came out to say it like it is, telling an Arizona radio show,Ai??“He didn’t play well yesterday and made some critical mistakes, particularly with his decision making.” Ai??He also went on to share what Carson had to say about himself. Ai??”I heard Carson say yesterday that he has to be better than that and that he’s been in the league a long time. Ai??And I completely agree. He has to pick his game up.” Ai??As BTI has said time and time again, Palmer is a class-act young man off the field. Ai??On the field, he’s not the top of his class, as we predicted before he played one NFL game, many moons ago.

Virtually no one fathomed CP would incur the difficulties heai??i??s had during his NFL playing days. For many years, however, he was spared media scrutiny and only received (undiscerning) praisesai??i??despite big-game meltdowns and other key factors. Ai??Thanks to the conservative pass/play calling of Coach Marvin Lewis and the stellar Bengalsai??i?? receiving corps of #1 BT Chad (later Ocho), #9 T.J., and #2Ai??C. Henry, Palmer (minus 3) was able to succeed according to his limited #4 QB capacities. Ai?? But as Niednagel predicted to the national media from the beginning, it would all catch up with CP someday and for all fans and sports aficionados to lower their lofty expectations and just appreciate what he could do well.

Yes, our attention has often centered around these three quarterbacks, Peyton, Eli, and Carson. Ai??We’ve written extensively comparing the two Manning brothers, telling our readers that Eli is and will never be a Peyton when the history books are written (though Eli possesses a strong arm and body, his vision and spatial logic will never be as innately proficient as his brotherai??i??s, among other things).Ai??Likewise, you’ve heard from us repeatedly that the #4 Carson Palmer (a Left brain Eli, as it were) is also no Manning, or Elway, or Montana. Ai??Palmer isn’t even in the same ballpark. Ai??In fact, he’s unique in his own right among quarterbacks in NFL history (BTI has not found another). Ai??At any rate, Jon Niednagel not only compared Peyton’s design to Eli’s in the following chart back in 2004 (in his 20 page report), but also weighed Palmer’s unique Brain Type on the talent scale.

#2 BEAR (Eli Manning)
energy level in life: mod. to low
peripheral vision: very good
seeing passing angles: very good
decision making (at QB): good
calling audibles: very good

#5 FEIR (Peyton Manning)
energy level in life:Ai??high
peripheral vision:Ai??excellent
seeing passing angles:Ai??excellent
decision making (at QB):Ai??very good
calling audibles:Ai??excellent

#4 BEAL (Carson Palmer)
energy level in life: moderate
peripheral vision: good
seeing passing angles: good
calling audibles: good

As you can see, Niednagel put Peyton at #1, Eli at #2, and Carson at #3. Ai??Niednagel also wrote in his report, comparing Carson’s design with Eli’s:Ai??“When CP is playing relaxed and properly accessing his right-brained spatial logic, he will perform as a good BEAR quarterback. The BEA_ cerebral factors will be working and heai??i??ll transition into the less comfortable (for him) right brain, not only seeing the field well but throwing and running smoothlyai??i??with superb rhythm and tempo. Ai??Achieving these traits will not come easily for CPai??i??if heai??i??s uptight. Ai??On the other hand, CPai??i??s BEAL wiring is actually innately superior to the BEAR genotype in such critical areas as self-discipline, work ethic, self-responsibility, studying plays, wanting to please others, team spirit, paying attention/listening, being aware of whatai??i??s going on, and even throwing mechanics. Nonetheless, if the BEAL doesnai??i??t loosen up on the field, playing with fluidity and spatial awareness, heai??i??s in for a long day.” Ai??In other words, the BEAL is not as naturally gifted as the BEAR at QB.

At any rate, there’s no need for us to write another treatise on the subject, but only to remind our readers to read the news using your BT glasses. Ai??Eli may have 2 Superbowl rings and his brother only 1, but that’s akin to saying Joe Flacco (#13 FCIR)Ai??Ai??is a better quarterback than was Dan MarinoAi??because he has a ring and Marino doesn’t. Ai??At the same time, every quarterback goes through struggles, and we still believe Eli to be a talented QB (as stated in the report comparing him to Warren Moon and Steve McNair). Ai??We like Eli, and hope to see him come out of his slump soon!

Written by: Staff
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