10/4/16 – Dwight Howard says goodbye to Kevin Garnett

Posted on October 6 2016 by admin2

Kevin Garnett, also known as “The Big Ticket”, is a retired man now after spending 21 seasons in the NBA. Ai??In a funny Tweet, fellow player Dwight Howard, who also shares KG’s #9 FCARAi??inborn Brain Type, stated, “KG. Ai??My favorite player ever. Ai??Thank you forAi??inspiringAi??me. Ai??I’m going to miss all the scraps and fights we had on the court. Ai??But I will never forget the talk we had afterAi??you head butted me lol. Ai??But thank you for the memories. Ai??My two favorite KG moments of All-Time are when you caught the one handed rebound and dunked it back in and pointed to the sky. The other moment is watching you win the title and say ‘Anything Is Possible’. Ai??My favorite commercial is when u was running around the world putting everybody on your back. There will never be another Big Ticket.”

Tweets aren’t typically so thoughtfully written, showing Howard’s true respect for his big man friend. Ai??Both players were/are emotional, fiery hoopsters with a penchant for technical fouls, typically due to their unchained motor-mouths (especially KG). Ai??The #9 is one of the biggest talkers in sports (and life), with Kanye West being the most obvious, ridiculous example. Ai??Or, they can put their mouths to good use by making people laugh, ala Bob Hope or Ted Danson.

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  1. khendra says:

    For all their similarities, Garnett was a much smarter player tactically than Howard ever learned to be. Numerous former pros have testified to how difficult it was to train Dwight (Hakeem, etc.). Garnett, however, was a sponge, and the far superior all around player of the two. He also had more of a competitive drive. Ask McHale about it, or just Google some of his quotes.

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