10/7/16 – Goodbye to Vin Scully and Dick Enberg

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They were two men with an uncanny ability to connect with their audiences on a personal, familial level, but both are now sadly saying goodbye at the same time. Ai??During a season in which Dodgers legend Vin Scully is being enshrined across baseball everywhere, Padres commentator Dick EnbergAi??will also be dropping the microphone.

What made these two men unique among broadcasters? Ai??They both possessAi??Conceptual, Animate Brain Types, also known as the CA “Stork”. Ai??While Scully is a Left brain dominant #11 FCAL, Enberg is a Right brain dominant #9 FCAR. Ai??Enberg hasAi??broadcasted for nearly 60 years across a variety of sports, while Scully has stayed tried and true to his Dodgers for a whopping 67 years. Ai??He called his first Dodgers game, in fact, back in 1950Ai??whenAi??Jackie Robinson (#9 FCAR) had broken the color barrier when heai??i??d joined the Dodgers three years earlier.

Remember, as “Storks,” the CA Brain Types are gifted in speech (mouth) fluidity, as well as speech (mouth) control. Ai??As Niednagel writes in Brain Types and Parenting, these designs “usually pursue vocations that maximize their speaking or language skills, such as teaching, public speaking, singing, motivating, counseling, selling, writing, etc.” Ai??Boy did these two fellows maximize their inborn potential for more than half a century! Ai??Vin Scully was nicknamed a “poet-philosopher” for his in-depth, erudite communication that also conveyed warmth and feeling. Ai??“Scully has alwaysAi??exuded an aura of accessibility,” writes one author, “ready with a smile for a fanai??i??s cameraAi??and an autograph, and imbued with an unaffected sense of humility.”

As for Enberg, Padres president and CEO Mike Dee says of him,Ai??”Every major sports moment, it seems his voice is a part of it. Ai??You felt like you knew him before you did, because he was so personal in the way he connected with the viewers and described the action.” Ai??And like Jon Niednagel’s late, longtime friend Vic Braden (#9),Ai??Dick won’t be sitting still anytime soon. Ai??”At 81, I want to continue to be creative, I think that keeps you young,” Enberg said. “Part of that process would be to go back and teach. … Everyday, you can count on the challenge of a raised hand.”

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  1. khendra says:

    Re: the teacher comment, yes indeed – in particular, #11 fcal, especially women, make THE best elementary school teachers. I’m currently a long term substitute aide for a special needs student who spends part of his time in a kindergarten classroom with a #11 fcal teacher. Besides the mouth/jaw control, and the Immaculate appearance (classic #11 fcal traits), her classroom is impeccably organized, and she creates expectations in the nicest, most tactful way. I suspected 11 fcal the first week and she has repeatedly lived up to the cognitive and motor proclivities of the type since then.
    My favorite elementary teacher (4th grade) was also this sort. They make learning clear and comfortable for all BTs. The early years are important for brain development, so a year with a good fcal teacher can help set up types for good academic habits and success.
    By contrast, as a non FCA type, I am inept at human relations and managing classrooms. I have been told repeatedly I do best as an aide, working with students one on one. I excel in this role. Students improve academically when I tutor them. I rely on others for curriculum and ideas (unlike q1 conceptualizers, or q3 implementers, q2 inanimates don’t create , or even impose, curriculum – we simply master already existing templates ), but I take care of ensuring the students LEARN THE MATERIAL RIGOROUSLY.
    Knowing these kinds of differences helps prepare types for appropriate careers. Don’t ever put me in front of a classroom — fcal and other types are better suited there — but as a tutor/aide, I’m in my element.

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