11/8/16 – Tom and Dirk don’t want to be coaches

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Here’s the plain truth. A�Some Brain Types just don’t make good coaches … naturally. A�We add “naturally” because there have been a few non-BT-gifted individuals who have found success by implementing strategies and tactics that were learned. A�That is, they were well-nurtured by another, albeit a parent, coach, or close-knit other, and found success as a result.

There are two Brain Types that particularly fall under the “not so coach-gifted” category, and they are the #9 FCAR and the #10 BCAR. A�These Brain Types (located in Q1A�andA�Q2) are not designed to be a�?administrativea�� CEOs, as they do not naturally implement self-disciplines. A�Remember, the Q3 designs have intense drive, yet with structure, which is ideal for coaching in many respects. A�The Left Front is like an air traffic control center, directing signals from all regions of the brain. A�It orchestrates, directs, regulates, and suppresses other parts of the brain whenever it wants to. A�Not so for the #9A�andA�#10; A�they can have very good spatial vision when relaxed, but they do not inherently possess the objective logic needed to make tough, tactical calls, especially when it’s crunch time!

So let’s start with #9 Tom Brady. A�While a talented quarterback, we don’t need to rehash the fact that Tom is far from the greatest quarterback of all time, despite what many would say. A�Anyone with a modicum of BT understanding can quickly see this mental and physical/ spatial fact. Without master strategist Belichick (#15 FCIL)A�directing his every move, Brady would have been on his 3rd or 4th football team by now (by his own admittance). A�So, when he was recently asked about one day heading up a team, Brady appropriately replied, a�?Coaching wouldna��t be for me. A�No, certainly not. I like playing. A�I wouldn’t be a good coach. I dona��t have the patience to be a coach.a�? A�

One aspect we particularly appreciate about Tom is that he (like all #9s), at times, can be very candid, and this was one of those times. A�Of the 16 inborn, genetic designs,A�#9s are arguably the least patient. A�(Yet, when push comes to shovea��both figuratively and literally, the in-the-moment #1 FEAR BT will likely win this award.) A�Especially as children, #9s are normally explosive bombs of energy (this author is a parent of two). A�They temper as they get older, but still thrive on expending their energy in as many different ways as possible. A�They are great “rah! rah!” coaches, but in time they often find themselves getting fired due to their lack of needed structure and logical deductions (theA�InsiderA�has covered many such cases). A�One author writes of Tom, “BradyA�wants no part of what Bill Belichick has had to do to be successful.” A�Yes, we well-understand that Tom wants “no part” of Bill’s strategic, calculated, regulatedA�and impersonal life-style!

Now we move to the #10 BCAR,A�and particularly want to highlight Dirk NowitzkiA�of the Dallas Mavericks. A�He was also recently asked whether he would like to have a career as a head coach, and this was his BT-related reply:A�A�a�?Becoming a Head Coach was never my goal. A�A Head Coach not only needs to have basketball knowledge, he has to evaluate characters, has to mix them, to motivate a�� even yell at someone once in a while. A�That is not part of my personality. A�I am not the person to stand somewhere and hold a 20 minute speech.” A�Wow! A�How distinctly #10 is that? A�Those with the x-ray vision knowledge of Brain Types just have to sit back and laugh.

Yes, Tom and Dirk, weA�get you guys.

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  1. khendra says:

    Q2 BCIR is another one you don’t want as coach. Remember Ty Willingham? In the moment executive functions are hard for them to access. They can be great students (passive, yet intensely focused internally), but teaching is another matter. A great way to tell apart a hard read between fcir and BCIR is to test them at executive function tasks. Fcir can make very good coaches and teachers. Bcir, never. Q3 is easier for fcir to access.

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