12/1/16 – Saying goodbye to Carol Brady

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She was America’s cheerful, glowing, positive mother in the 60s and 70s, and we all simply knew her as Carol. A�Carol Brady, that is, and she was the beloved matriarch of the “The Brady Bunch,”A�which broadcast from 1969 to 1974.A�A�Her real name wasA�Florence Henderson, and last week saw her passing at the age of 82 years old. A�Henderson’s real-life persona did not stray far from her television one, and it attracted people wherever she went. A�a�?Whatever I bring to that character, the No. 1 thing people ask me is, a�?Can I have a hug?a�� And a lot of them dona��t even ask!a�? Henderson saidA�a few years ago.

In true gifted #9 FCARA�fashion, Henderson took acting, dancing, singing and guitar lessons in her teenage years, even studying French and Italian. A�Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein were so impressed they made her the female lead in a 1952 road tour of a�?Oklahoma!a�? A�Wrote Walter Kerr of the New York Herald Tribune, a�?She is the real thing, right off of a butter churn somewhere.”

Florence always most enjoyed doing live television. A�”That’s really the thing that I love best. A�I love flying by the seat of my pants.” A�The trainedA�#9, like the #13, is exceptional at ad-libbing. A�They love spontaneity, and often view life through rosy-colored sunglasses. A�Yet, it comes with a catch. A�The FCAR needs constant affirmation, and their high dose of Animate “extraversion” can sometimes be irritating to those around them. A�Writes Jon Niednagel, “This hyperactivity makes the FCAR fun to live with, yet unpredictableA�to the point of sometimes frustrating others.”

Thank you for the memories, Florence.

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