1/11/17 – Dontari Poe becomes a 350-pound quarterback

Posted on January 12 2017 by admin2

Have you ever seen a 350-pound quarterback? A�We haven’t either, but last weekA�Chiefs defensive tackle Dontari Poe became just that when he leaped into the air and completed a play that’s been labeled, “The Hungry Pig Right.” A�It’s an actual play, and that’s what it’s really called!

When Poe first accepted the snap, of course, everyone assumed he would run the ball. A�He did, for a moment, which fooled everyone on the Broncos defense. A�Instead, however, he jumped. A�“The leap was utterly spectacular,” writes one author. A�“The biggest man on the field went airborne, and for a moment, time stood still.” A�A�Now a good 6 inches off the ground, Poe threw the ball to the end zone to tight end Demetrius Harris, who was wide open and awaiting the toss. A�Poe’s throw looked more like a jump shot in the NBA, but it was accurate! A�Everything … the pass, the reactions before the throw, his jump, his weight … all is vintage one particular Type.

But first, watch an interview of Dontari Poe.

Now, watch the play for yourself.

Yes, Dontari Poe is a vintageA�#1 FEAR.

In our next article we’ll tell you a little more about Dak Prescott. A�Stay tuned!

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  1. khendra says:

    Before even clicking on this article, and just looking at his picture on the front page, I thought, “probably fear.” Some folks have classic “looks” of their respective bts.

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