1/24/17 – Patriots easily defeat Pittsburgh Steelers

Posted on January 25 2017 by admin2

Well, despite the fact that he was suspended by the NFL for the first four games of the season for “Deflategate,” Tom Brady (#9 FCAR) and his Patriot team had no difficulties in reaching the playoffs thanks to mastermind coach Bill Belichick (#15 FCIL), who seemingly could have reached the same milestone with Barney Fife for a QB (as long as Barney followed orders).  Now, New England is headed for yet another Super Bowl as they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday in easy fashion.

Chris Hogan (#13 FCIR) had a great game as the Patriots took a 17-9 lead at intermission after a well-crafted trick play known as a flea flicker.  Brady handed the ball off to running back Dion Lewis (#6 BEIR), who ran forward before tossing the ball back to Brady, who lofted a long touchdown pass to the wide open Hogan in the end zone.  Meanwhile, Ben Roethlisberger (#13 FCIR) was forced to gain yards in short chunks thanks to a tough Patriot defense (whose secondary led the NFL in fewest points allowed during the regular season).

It certainly didn’t help the Steelers to lose running back Le’Veon Bell early in the game with a groin injury.  Bell, a #1 FEAR, is considered to be “one of the best players in the NFL and losing him certainly affected this game.”

Wide receiver Julian Edelman (#13 FCIR) of the Patriots also had a good game, totaling 100 receiving yards along with Hogan.  Edelman is a funny guy with a gift for imitating people .  Check out the video below of him doing his impression of #9 Brady and #15 Belichick!

Belichick was quick to deflect the praise, saying, “Great players. It’s all about the players.  They work hard, they’re unselfish and they’re tough.”

Yes, a great coach and great players.  It will be tough for the Atlanta Falcons to beat the Patriots in 2 weeks, though Peyton Manning (#5 FEIR) and his Denver Broncos certainly proved last year it can be done!

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  1. khendra says:

    I was wrong on Dion. I thought he spoke too quickly to be a B. I also thought he was too quick afoot to be an E. Usually it is the Conceptual types with quick feet.

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