2/18/18 – About the State of the Union

Posted on February 20 2018 by admin2

He received a 75% approval rating according to a CBS News poll, with viewers most appreciating President Donald Trump’s views on the nation’s infrastructure, immigration, and national security.A� Yes, it was time for another State of the Union address, and boy was it a long one, running about 1 hour and 20 minutes and being the 3rd ever longest in American history!A� Of course, about a half hour of it was applause, but who’s counting? (And by the way, guess who holds the record for the lengthiest, gift-of-gab POTUS discourse? A�If you guess another long-winded #15, like a�?Slick-Williea�? Clinton, youa��re a winner!)

Did anyone notice our #15 FCIL President’s speed and tone during his speech?A� He talked remarkably slower, with his tone being noticeably softer and monotone.A� He definitely didn’t get coached by former President Barack Obama (#13 FCIR), who preferred to speak rather quickly and abruptly like he was a good ol’ buddy of yours.A� Trump was very careful and calculated, no doubt on purpose in order not to stray too far from his pre-written script.A� Remember, #15s are masters of abandoning the teleprompter (since think so well on their feeta��when they care to), while #13s (ala Mr. Obama) typically rely on them like crutches after a broken leg (since the Right Brain disdains boundaries and limitations).

Even many critics agree that Trump did well.A� Now comes year number 2, where ‘The Donald’ hopes to make good on more campaign promises in order to keep his core base and likely seek reelection.A� After all, if we know one thing about FCILs, they don’t relinquish power very easily.A� Just ask Hillary Clinton,A�Nancy Pelosi, or Michelle Obamaa��whoa��s presently a�?hidinga�� in the weedsa��ready to come to the Dema��s rescue in 2020.

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