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BTI Advisory Team

Posted on November 10 2010 by admin2

Assembling a collection of notables in their respective vocations and fields of expertise who can contribute in the key areas that Brain Typing is being focused has been a top priority for BTI.A� The following statement reflects the views of the current BTI Advisory Team, along with their names and personal information below.

“Due to JN’s decades of extensive research, both empirical and scientific, we believe that his cognitive, cerebral, biomechanical/physical, and visual classifications identifying and optimizing individual inborn behaviors merit strong support for further research.A� His findings and theories have enormous potential for mankind.”

Danny Ainge

Boston Celtics President of Basketball Operations
Former NBA All-Star

Daniel Amen, M.D.
Renowned Best-Selling Author, Psychiatrist, & Brain Imaging Specialist – His medical operation possesses the worlda��s largest database of functional brain scans related to psychiatric medicine, totaling over 58,000 scans

Al Finch, Ph.D.
Professor of Exercise Science
Indiana State University

Keith Hardy, Ph.D.
Department Chair
Physical Education, Recreation, and Exercise Science
Evangel University

Pam Machemehl Helmly, CN
Chief Science Officer

Jacob Liberman, OD, Ph.D.
Founder & President
Exercise Your Eyes, Inc.

Paul McDonald
Senior Vice President – Fidelity National Title
USC Football Radio Analyst
Former USC All American QB, NFL QB

Kevin McHale
NBA Head Coach
Former NBA GM, All-Star, Hall of Fame

Mike Nubel
Daum Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc.

Divyen Patel, Ph.D.
CEO & Founder – Genome Explorations, Inc.

Steven Pfrenzinger
Founder, The Carrera Agency, Inc, a talent management firm
Chairman, Inhance Media, Inc. and PrivacyDataSystems, LLC

Dick Schofield
Minor League Hitting Instructor
Los Angeles Angels
Former SS, MLB

Vic Braden
Late Sports Scientist, Psychologist
Tennis Instructor
None researched BT more than Vic Braden; like many, he was skeptical at first, but after 3 years of closely evaluating 100 subjectsa��both mentally (as a licensed psychologist) and physically (as a sports scientist and world-renowned tennis instructor)a��according to his words, a�?Ia��ve become convinced!a�? A�Vic cared more about helping others than any BTI had ever met. A�Wea��re honored to forever keep an allegiance with Vic and his passion for helping and encouraging others, both from his educational, sports, and life pursuits and also how he communicated BT to those he meta��on and off the court.A�


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