Daniel Amen, MD, Psychiatrist, Renowned Best-selling Author & Brain Imaging Specialist:

“I have appreciated Jon Niednagel’s work with Brain Typing for many years.  He is a very gifted man and his work is desperately needed in many parts of our society, from families, businesses, churches, and sports.  Brain typing is a critical component in understanding individual differences and Jon is the master teacher.”


Divyen H. Patel, Ph.D, CEO & Founder of Genome Explorations, Inc.

“We performed a pilot study with the Brain Type Institute which included blood samples from 74 individuals, analyzing the data for correlations to the sixteen different Brain Type categories or their various constituent characteristics (e.g., motor or cognitive skills), and identified an expression profile that distinguishes these individuals according to their pre-assigned classifications with greater than 98% sensitivity. Many of these genes are expressed in the brain as well as in the blood and participate in biochemical pathways that regulate nerve cell connections and neuronal activity. While still early, to me these gene expression results provide compelling evidence of a sound scientific basis to brain type categorization.”


Dr. Bob Arnot, “America’s Doctor,” Renowned Media Physician, Best-Selling Author:

“Jonathan P. Niednagel’s scientific and 21st century approach to evaluating, developing, and motivating people, is simply stunning. I’ve found it the most important and helpful information in the last 20 years of human understanding and development. Brain Types is relevant for not only sports but every segment of society. Those who fail to use Brain Types will be at a distinct disadvantage now and in the future.”

Sammy Sosa, Former MLB All-Star Outfielder and Home-run Specialist:

“He (Jon) helped me a lot. I like to talk to him because he’s a good guy. He can put you on track.”


Kevin McHale, TV Analyst, former NBA GM, All-Star, Hall of Fame:

“I really enjoy talking to Jon. The next best thing is reading his book, Your Key to Sports Success. I find Brain Typing not only fascinating, but very accurate. I wish I had this information when I was playing. I use it now to help me evaluate and develop talent.”


Danny Ainge Boston Celtics Executive Director of Basketball Operations, former NBA All-Star (14-year career):

“Jon’s principles for selecting, developing, and motivating players are the best.”


Sean Casey, Former All-Star MLB Infielder, current MLB Network Commentator & Broadcaster:

“When I talked to Jon Niednagel, I felt like he had been living in my head for 27 years. The Brain Typing Jon does is amazing. He really made me look at myself and others in a whole different light.”


Syd Thrift, Late former Baltimore Orioles VP of Baseball Operations, honored as one of baseball’s top 5 teachers:

“Standing in a unique position is the scientific, invaluable, and new perspective Jon P. Niednagel brings to sports. No one should be without Brain Types.”


Kerry Kittles, Former NBA Standout, shooting guard:

“It helps you understand yourself better … on and off the court.”


Jason Kidd, Former NBA All-Star, Current Head Coach, Says About Niednagel:

“That’s my man.”


Rex Chapman, Former NBA Great:

“Far and away, Brain Typing I feel has been the single most important thing for me in raising my children. I can’t say enough for how beneficial it has been and will be for all parents and athletes to know this stuff …”


Antonio McDyess, NBA All-Star, Power forward, San Antonio Spurs:

“I was like stunned . . . because he was telling me things that happened [in my life] right off the bat and it was unbelievable.” When asked, “Has it made your game better?” Antonio answered, “Oh man . . . a lot better.”


Rick Carlisle, NBA Head Coach:

“I do think there are Brain Types …I do think that as you learn more about yourself, it certainly helps you relate to the rest of the world, and I think that if there are ways to understand aspects of people’s personalities based on their innate Brain Types, I think that’s a major plus.”


Lorenzo Romar, University of Washington Head Basketball Coach:

“Brain Typing allows you to understand people quickly–mentally and physically. Among other benefits, Brain Typing is really important in motivating players and developing team chemistry.”


Larry Nelson, 2000 SPGA Money Winner, winner of 10 PGA Tournaments, including 3 Majors (U.S. Open, 2 PGA Championships):

“Jon is the world’s foremost authority on Brain Types as they relate to sports. Applying his knowledge will improve your game and your understanding of everyone around you.”


Ted Newland, Coach Emeritus at U.C. Irvine, Winningest Coach in NCAA Water Polo History:

“I obviously want to be the best coach I can possibly be, and at my age of 67 years, I don’t want to stop growing; I want to continue growing and get better. Brain Typing has allowed me to be a much better coach and to better understand my players and myself. I’m super turned on to Brain Typing right now.


John Gabriel, NBA Executive, Former long-time General Manager of the Orlando Magic:

“To stay competitive in the NBA it’s important that you make the right decisions about players. Utilizing Brain Typing and Jon Niednagel has helped the Orlando Magic in making some great decisions . . .”


June Jones, Former NFL Player, Former Head Football Coach at the University of Hawaii, Southern Methodist University:

“Brain Typing over the last 5 years, for me, has probably been the most pertinent information that a football coach can utilize. I think it’s absolutely outstanding—from my time with the Chargers when we had discussions about Ryan Leaf and Peyton Manning up until now. It’s as important to me right now as I would say the Xs and Os of our game.”

Dr. Tom Amberry, Known as the “Big Kahuna of Free Throws.” The Guinness Book of Records lists him as the greatest free throw shooter of all time. On November 15, 1993, Dr. Tom sunk 2,750 in a row:

“The information that he (Jon) has compiled is amazing … a wealth of knowledge for people to have.”


Mike McCullough, SPGA Tour Professional. Holds record for most consecutive golf tournaments played:

“We are all blessed with a God given brain type. Jon has brain typed my family and we now know how to respond to one another with a better understanding. My family and I are forever grateful to Jon and his loving and supportive family for sharing his knowledge with us. My career is more enjoyable now.”

Randy Myers, Former MLB pitcher, only reliever to save 30 games for five different teams (Mets, Reds, Padres, Cubs, Orioles). Career ERA of 0.00 (4 IP) and 1 save in four All-Star Games:

“From my personal experience with Jon Niednagel, it would be a great competitive advantage for teams that are fortunate enough to have access to his Brain Typing system. His ability to precisely evaluate allows coaches to maximize potential of athletes, current and future.”

Vic Braden, Legendary tennis instructor, sports scientist, and psychologist:

“Jon’s new science of Brain Typing not only brings greater success to both athlete and coach—enabling the coach to access each student’s genius at a much faster rate, but it’s truly enlightening and liberating.”


Glen “Baby Shaq” Davis, NBA power forward, Los Angeles Clippers:

“It’s amazing …it was kind of shocking, really, just having one conversation with him …basically he mapped out my whole personality, my tendencies, my habits and things like that …it’s kinda scary.”


Terry Donahue, Former GM of the San Francisco 49ers, former CBS Sports Commentator, all-time winningest football coach in NCAA Pac-10 history:

“I’m really excited about Brain Types and the work of Jon P. Niednagel. I’ve found the information to be absolutely fascinating, almost scary, because it is so correct.”