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5/26/24 – The Tom Brady Roast

5/26/24 – The Tom Brady Roast

So a few weeks ago Netflix premiered the "Tom Brady Roast," where former players and current celebrities basically got together for a night to joke about Tom Brady (#9 FCAR) without going "too" far over the line.  Of course, it was a money-making stint, particularly...

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5/1/24 – When the Beatles met Muhammad Ali

An interesting article came out a few weeks ago, titled, "Beatles' John Lennon resented Muhammad Ali after knockout shoot: 'It was a mistake'."  Of course, even the novice Brain Type enthusiasts should immediately recognize the correlation between Lennon and Ali.  Or...

4/22/24 – Caitlyn Clark and the National Championship

All right.  It's been the talk of the town.  Rather, she's been the talk of the town, and we're talking about Caitlyn Clark, whose team lost to South Carolina a few days ago in the National Championship.  She faced the likes of Tessa Johnson and an undefeated South...

BT Learning Store

Brain Types® And Parenting combines Jon Niednagel’s 4 decades of research with recent scientific discoveries to produce this first book in a new series of educational publications! Over 300 pages! Get your copy today!

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Get on the inside for only $9.99 a month! Gain access to our daily updated blog, our newly improved Brain Type® Questionnaire (and kids questionnaire), our Notable Names Database (complete with over 2,100 names and counting), our monthly prize raffle, and much more!

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Videos and articles from magazines and newspapers over the years featuring Brain Typing® and Jon Niednagel.

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Quote of the Week

“I personally didn’t feel any stress. I was just having a lot of fun out there and I think that’s what helped because I wasn’t thinking at all about anything that was out of my control or going on off the court. I was just really focusing in on my matches.”

Emma Raducanu (#9 FCAR)


The BrainTypes® Notable Names Database is an ever-growing collection of notable sports figures, world leaders, and personalities

Names in Database



Abdul, Paula
Albert, Marv
Allen, Tim
Andrews, Erin
Asner, Ed
Ball, Lucille
Barr, Roseanne
Beatty, Warren
Belushi, John
Berry, Halle
Bob Barker
Boyle, Susan
Brinkley, Christie
Bullock, Sandra
Cameron Bure, Candace
Carey, Mariah
Caviezel, Jim
Clapton, Eric
Cobain, Kurt
Costas, Bob
Cowell, Simon
Cranston, Brian
Cruise, Tom
Danson, Ted
Day, Doris
DeNiro, Robert
Dhue, Laurie
Dion, Celine
Eareckson Tada, Joni
Evans, Linda
Fonda, Jane
Fox, Michael J.
Garrett, Major
Gibson Mel
Gosselin, Kate
Griffith, Andy
Haggerty, Dan
Hanna, Jack
Hart, Melissa
Henderson, Florence
Hepburn, Katharine
Hilson, Keri
Houston, Whitney
Hume, Brit
Jackson, Janet
Jackson, Peter
Johnson, Dwayne “The Rock”
Judd, Ashley
Kardashian, Khloe
Kelly, Grace
Kidman, Nicole
Knotts, Don
Lansbury, Angela
Lee, Bruce
Locklear, Heather
Lopez, Jennifer (J-Lo)
Lynn, Loretta
Mars, Bruno
McEntire, Reba
Midler, Bette
Monroe, Marilyn
Mozart, Wolfgang
Newton-John, Olivia
O’Brien, Conan
Orbison, Roy
Pacino, Al
Parton, Dolly
Perry, Katy
Prager, Dennis
Presley, Lisa Marie
Redford, Robert
Rickman, Alan
Romano, Ray
Ryder, Winona
Saget, Bob
Sarandon, Susan
Seagal, Steven
Shaver, Helen
Short, Martin
Smith, Michael W.
Somers, Suzanne
Spielberg, Steven
Stiller, Ben
Swayze, Patrick
Taylor, Elizabeth
Tesh, John
Trebek, Alex
Underwood, Carrie
Washingon, Denzel
West, Kanye
Williams, Brian
Willis, Bruce
Yarrow, Peter



Comey, James
Gorsuch, Neil
Scarborough, Joe
Pence, Mike
al-Assad Bashar
Sanders, Bernie
Bush, Jenna
Fiorina, Carly
Perino, Dana
Bush, Jeb
Feinstein, Dianne
Kissinger, Henry
Quayle, Dan
Reid, Harry
Cruz, Ted
Koop, Dr. C. Everett
Paul, Rand
Alito, Samuel A.
Andrew, Prince
Bachmann, Michele
Barry, Marion
Bernanke, Ben
Biden, Joe
Blair, Tony
Boehner, John
Bradley, Bill
Bush, Barbara
Bush, George H.
Bush, George W.
Bush, Laura
Cain, Herman
Carter, Jimmy
Carter, Rosalynn
Charles, Prince
Churchill, Sir Winston
Clinton, Bill
Clinton, Hillary
Colson, Chuck
Diana, Princess (Lady Di)
Dole, Bob
Eisenhower, Dwight
Elizabeth, Queen (the Queen Mother)
Ferguson, Sarah
Ford, Betty
Ford, Gerald
Gingrich, Newt
Ginsberg, Ruth Bader
Gorbachev, Mikhail
Harry, Prince
Huckabee, Mike
Huntsman, Jon Jr.
Johnson, Lyndon B.
Kagan, Elena
Kennedy, John F.
Kennedy Onassis, Jacqueline
King, Martin Luther Jr.
Krauthammer, Charles
Limbaugh, Rush
Lincoln, Abraham
Mandela, Nelson
McMillen, Tom
Middleton, Kate
Mondale, Walter
Nader, Ralph
Netanyahu, Benjamin
Nixon, Pat
Nixon, Richard
Obama, Barack
Obama, Michelle
O’Connor, Sandra Day
Palin, Bristol
Palin, Sarah
Paul, Ron
Pelosi, Nancy
Perry, Rick
Powell, Colin
Reagan, Ronald
Roberts, John G.
Rockwell, Lew
Romney, Ann
Romney, Mitt
Ryan, Paul
Santorum, Rick
Schwarzenegger, Arnold
Shriver, Maria
Thatcher, Margaret
Truman, Harry
West, Allen
William, Prince



Achoa, Lorena
Andrade, Billy
Ashe, Arthur
Baker-Finch, Ian
Beck, Chip
Beman, Deane
Berryhill, Damon
Blauser, Jeff
Boggs, Wade
Bones, Ricky
Boone, Bob
Boskie, Shawn
Bradley, Milton
Branyan, Russell
Brock, Lou
Brooks, Hubie
Brown, Kevin
Buhner, Jay
Burnitz, Jeromy
Cabrera, Melky
Candelaria, John
Canseco, Jose
Carr, Chuck
Casey, Sean
Chapman, Aroldis
Charlton, Norm
Clampett, Bobby
Clearwater, Keith
Cobb, Ty
Cone, David
Connors, Jimmy
Cordova, Marty
Crampton, Bruce
Crenshaw, Ben
Curtis, Chad
Daniel, Beth
Daulton, Darren
DiMarco, Chis
Duval, David
Eric Lindros
Faxon, Brad
Fernandez, Mary Joe
Furyk, Jim
Geiberger, Al
Grady, Wayne
Granada, Julieta
Hamilton, Todd
Herron, Tim
Hogan, Ben
Hulbert, Mike
Iginla, Jarome
Jacobson, Fredrik
Janzen, Lee
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Dustin
Johnson, Zach
Jones, Bobby
Jones, Doug
Jones, K.C.
Jones, Steve
Jordan, Michael
Kaman, Chris
Karl, George
Kazmir, Scott
Kelly, Roberto
Kent, Jeff
Kidd, Jason
Kimble, Bo
Kite, Greg
Kleine, Joe
Knight, Bobby
Knight, Travis
Konerko, Paul
Koufax, Sandy
Krzyzewski, Mike
Laettner, Christian
Langer, Bernhard
Laoretti, Larry
LaRue, Jason
Lavin, Steve
Leadbetter, David
Lee, Bill (Spaceman)
Lee, Derrek
Legler, Tim
Lemieux, Mario
Leonard, Justin
Lester, Jon
Lewis, Rashard
Lidstrom, Nicklas
Lincecum, Tim
Listach, Pat
Lofton, Kenny
Love, Davis III
Lowenstein, John
MacFarlane, Mike
Magadan, Dave
Mallon, Meg
Mantle, Mickey
Martinez, Dennis
Maruyama, Shigeki
Matsui, Hideki
May, Derrick
McCarver, Tim
McCullough, Mike
McElroy, Chuck
McGann, Michelle
McGwire, Mark
Mientkiewicz, Doug
Miller, Jay
Milton, Eric
Moncada, Yoan
Montgomery, Jeff
Morris, Jack
Murray, Eddie
Nadal, Rafael
Nevin, Phil
Nixon, Otis
O’Neill, Paul
Ogea, Chad
Puig, Monica
Selanne, Teemu
Thornton, Joe
Wheaton, David

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