Excerpt From: Sporting News – April 28, 2003

sportingsporting2If an NFL team plans to draft Texas Quarterback Chris Simms, it should not expect to get his father, Phil, the Super Bowl MVP and longtime quarterback of the Giants. Sure, Chris looks like his dad. Chris even sounds like his dad, but according to Jonathan Niednagel, the subtle difference is up top and inside, where the brain connects and delivers messages to the rest of the body.  “I like Chris, but they’re not of the same wiring,” says Niednagel, who has given counsel on draft and free-agent prospects to NFL teams and a few pro teams outside football, including the Reds and Nuggets. It’s well documented how the man called the “brain doctor” advised the Chargers against selecting Ryan Leaf based merely upon what he’d observed of Leaf’s brain wiring . . .

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