Peter King: “Do you ever wonder what would have happened if you had been drafted by Arizona?”
Tom Brady: “Yeah, I’d be on my third team by now.”

And these quotes of the past, our devoted readers, encapsulate everything we have been saying for so many, many years now.

These quotes were shared on the Collin Cowherd Show, aired Tuesday Morning, as Cowherd interviewed “Monday Morning Quarterback” Peter King (#15 FCIL), known as one of the most respected sports media analysts in the business. The interview was as much insightful as it was hilarious, and by clicking the link provided you can hear Peter King for yourself.  See, a lot of guys wish they were drafted on Bellichick’s team,” King went on to say.

Click to listen. (MP3)

No kidding! We’ve been touting Patriot’s coach Bill Belichick’s (#15 FCIL) leadership prowess for years. He’s become the master at his craft, and he’ll win games no matter what quarterback he’s given. Don’t believe us? Let’s go back to the 2008 season, when Tom Brady (#9 FCAR) tore his ACL against the Kansas City Chiefs, and Matt Cassel (#13 FCIR) was forced to take over. Cassel led the Patriots to a 17 10 victory, completing 13 of 18 passes for 152 yards and one touchdown. The Patriots would end the season with a noteworthy 11-5 record, with Cassel setting a franchise record performance against the Miami Dolphins when he threw for over 400 yards in consecutive games (only the 5th QB to do so in NFL history). His efforts earned him the title of AFC Offensive Player of the Week for the second time. At any rate, Cassel left for Kansas City the next year, became a bust, and since then he’s virtually fallen off the map.

Let’s get down to brass tacks here. The Patriots play the Denver Broncos this Sunday, and the comparisons are yet again being made between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning (#5 FEIR). As we have told our readers so many times before, there simply is no comparison to be made. Manning is by far not only the better quarterback of the two, but the greatest quarterback of all time. When we consider his Brain Type, his size, intelligence, work ethic (both physically and mentally), spatial awareness, and a variety of other factors, Peyton Manning earns an ‘A’ on our scale, while we grade Brady at about a ‘C+’. Tom Brady is a gifted #9 for sure (more accomplished than any #9 QB in history), and as such can coordinate his (fine and gross) motors skills better than any other Brain Type, even Peyton Manning’s (he’s even smoother than Peyton). When not succumbing to pressure, Brady is very accurate with his throws and will follow sideline coaching instructions to the nth degree. However, put Manning and Brady at the quarterback position on every team in the NFL, and Manning would emerge the victor (by a long shot). Whether in terms of smarts, tactical spatial logic, peripheral and stereoscopic vision, body balance and fine motor fluidity and prowess, decision making, etc., Peyton Manning is your man. Through his inborn #5 Brain Type DNA, as well as non-BT DNA affecting brain and body health and size, upbringing, etc., he’s the best QB package of all time. These DNA attributes also radically separate him from baby brother, #2 BT Eli, who we predicted from his NFL start would never consistently play to the excellence of prodigy Peyton. Of course, the ill-informed especially media criticized us for this and have touted Eli as the better QB. That is, until the past few years during his historic meltdown with the Giants. Remember also, Joe Namath, Joe Montana, John Elway, and even Bret Favre all share the same inborn design with Peyton. Under pressure, they are consistently your greatest QBs (remember Montana’s off-balanced one-leg throws?). Of course they, too, will experience a broad range of screw-ups (per one’s nature and nurture uniqueness), but as a Brain Type, they are wired best for QB success (especially under big-time pressure).

While the Right brain dominated media (also largely Conceptual, seeing the big picture but often failing to capture reality in context) continues to build Brady up and man-handle Manning, there are a few out there who aren’t jumping on the misinformed band-wagon. Mike Ditka (#6 BEIR), Boomer Esiason (#15 FCIL), Trenth Dilfer (#5 FEIR), and a few others have given accurate assessments of Peyton Manning, while folks like Jim Rome (#15 FCIL) and even Collin Cowherd (#13 FCIR) keep unwisely pointing to the fact that Tom Brady has more Super Bowl rings (#5 Dan Marino didn’t have a single one). However, listen to the audio clip we’ve provided as Peter King shares information to Cowherd from Brian Burke with Advanced NFL Stats. Burke carefully analyzed the 11 playoff losses in Manning’s career, going on to state how misleading the numbers really are. “In Manning’s case,” says King, “very rarely has he had a good defense. Often times he’s had to win shoot-outs.”  Wow, one can say that again (and this is probably our 10th time saying it). Remember, folks, football is not tennis, nor match-play golf. Not only is a competent coaching staff vital for success, but there are 53 guys on the team, making for a vast array of variables (Brady didn’t’ have a single TD pass against the Colts last week and they still won 43-22, thanks once again to mastermind Belichick).

Yes, Tom Brady would easily be on his third team by now had it not been for Bill Belichick. Presently, three of the best, most respected and successful NFL coaches are Bellichick and the two Harbaugh brothers, Jim and John. John was never a quarterback himself, and therefore lacks much of the on-field ‘offensive’ experience his brother Jim possesses. All three, for those who don’t know, are #15 FCILs. Belichick’s conservative, “dink and dump” system has worked perfectly for the accommodating Tom Brady, even better than it would have worked for Peyton Manning had he been a Patriot (Peyton and Bill would have likely and often butted heads). In fact, back in college when under Tennessee Coach Phil Fulmer, it was joked that the greatest defense against Peyton Manning was … coach Phil Fulmer (who held him back offensively)! At any rate, on the few occasions when Brady has been honest with reporters (as when he talked to King), he’s given some credit to Belichick, which is far less than he really deserves.

Lastly, as we head into this weekend, the Broncos are really hurting. Among other key players, they’ve lost linebacker Von Miller (#1 FEAR) and cornerback Chris Harris (#13 FCIR) to injuries, who Pro Football Focus had this year as the 9th best cornerback in the NFL. In such a state, Peyton Manning is likely going to need to score at least 35-40 points to win the game. Whatever happens, Sunday’s game will not change the reality of performance for the two renowned QBs over center. Peyton is still #5 BT and super-tactical and spatial Peyton, and Tom is still compliant, emotional, and coordinated #9 Tom. Try not to drift with the ever-changing tide of media bias. Again try to remember, it was only months ago when people were claiming Eli Manning (#2 BEARwas better than his older brother. Hear anyone saying that now? Nope. You see, DNA controls everything, and someday soon it will be conclusively proven, scientifically, that the #5 FEIR is far superior in the physical and mental tasks required for optimal performance at the quarterback position.

Enjoy the game.

ADDITION: Why the wide distinction between Tom and Peyton?

Why is it that so few (including the media) can see, much less understand, the essence of this article? For the sake of brevity, let’s only consider one angle. One: though we all know that people (including QBs) are different, and that we all reason in unique ways, why is it that we throw this crucial info aside when it comes to comparing QBs or anyone else for that matter? Most of us, even novices, can usually tell the basic mental differences in classmates, friends, our children or siblings, or even the people at work. So why do we discard this vital info when it comes to comparing QBs?

Well, we may say we really don’t know these stars (that usually hide from the public), and therefore we cannot judge this sensitive aspect. But isn’t that being very hypocritical? We’re rather quick to say who is our favorite QB, or why Brady or Manning is better than the other, yet we don’t even know remotely how their individual brains work (which control peripheral vision, motor and mental skills, etc.). Yet the media especially will spout its dogmatic and often harsh opinions being ignorant of how each QB’s brain functions.

BTI has spent nearly 40 years researching this area in all walks of life, empirically and scientifically, and for decades has been attempting to enlighten people with this information. As BTI followers know, nothing is more germane to grasping human behavior, both mentally and physically. Anyone who even takes 30 minutes to understand the brain differences between Manning and Brady (much less Leaf), will quickly see why our claims are valid . If we can complete our genetic studies in 2014, we’ll soon make these results public and then all can grasp our scientifically-based assertions. Stay tuned sports fans.

Written by: Staff