Not all #15 FCILs live frugally, but when we take all 16 Brain Types and conduct percentages, they’re definitely near the top of the list for keeping careful watch of their finances (though genetics affect this primarily, nurture also plays a significant role). At any rate, we got a kick out of a recent article on Prince William, titled, “The Frugal Prince William.”  The article writes of William, who was seen flying coach on a commercial airliner recently, “William was snapped sitting by the plane’s window by U.S. television reporter Eli Ross, who was sitting a few rows behind him on the Memphis-to-Dallas flight. ‘I am still amazed #Prince William flies COACH. That’s pretty humble/awesome. Who knew?'” According to the Daily Mail, William apparently “ordered water during the 1 hour 30 domestic flight.

Considering William could have flown at least 1st class, let alone in his own private jet, it is admirable to see the young royal living so normally. But what of his usually-not-so-frugal #1 FEAR brother Harry“Harry, however, was nowhere to be seen on William”s flight, which means it is still possible the twerk-happy, newly single redhead returned to London on a gold-plated private jet piloted by Snoop Dogg, populated by the casts of the three most recent Real World seasons, and D.J.ed by an Avicii-Skrillex collaboration.”


Written by: Staff
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