We at BTI are most appreciative of the just-released book, The QB: The Making of Modern Quarterbacks, and its author, Mr. Bruce Feldman. Though we haven’t read it yet, the attention and high reviews it’s receiving appear to ensure its publishing success. We became aware of the new book from outside inquirers those motivated to contact us as a result of the book’s emphasis in the media. We have accessed an article of the book from Fox Sports online, and its reference specifically directed to BTI’s Founder and Director, Jon Niednagel. (It is linked to this writing.)

Those familiar with JN know of his direct involvement, and acclaim, in the 1998 NFL Draft, especially regarding the top 2, can’t-miss future superstar QBs, Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf. This true story has been revealed in small fragments over the years, mainly since JN has kept his end of the deal silent while those on the other side of the transaction have, by-and-large, tried to protect their reputations by stating only minimal amounts of the highly publicized story. But that has now changed some, though it’s still short of key facts and events behind the scenes.

Leave it to the honorable June Jones, coach and offensive genius, one who isn’t fearful of how things might make him look, to bring new revelations to this fascinating story at the request of author Feldman. In his search to reveal hidden angles to the most coveted position in all sports, Feldman has uncovered more fragments to the Manning and Leaf story. The rest of his new book evidently conveys many other highly interesting facts and stories related to the movers and shakers behind the QB position.

We’ve included the Fox Sports link for you to better understand this fascinating and historical event, yet we would be remiss if we didn’t supply a few missing pieces, or corrections to misrepresented facts in the case just presented.

For one, the author wrote that Niednagel believes 60% of a QB’s performance is related to inborn nature, the remaining 40% to nurture. JN has never asserted that he knows positively the exact numbers, but since the 1980s, he’s been on record of regularly saying innate behavior is likely in the 60-70% range. Two-thirds is the percentage he’s communicated most often over the years. (Catch the surprising study just released this week in the news http://www.foxnews.com/health/2014/10/30/genetics-not-upbringing-main-influencer-in-childs-iq-study-says/?intcmp=obnetwork ) Until very recently, no prominent scientist especially among the ones with whom JN collaborated would go on record with a belief that behavior (and IQ) were mainly related to inborn, DNA-driven factors. Yet with twin studies now validating JN’s decades-long position, especially by the renowned work of Robert Plomin, Ph.D., once again the new science of BT is proving true.

Second, the article states in one spot a number of well-known people who supposedly shared the same BT, that being the Myers-Briggs ESTP. This type was used and amplified by the author since it has a loose connection to the greatest NFL QBs of all time. (Rather than using the misleading acronym ESTP, JN’s Brain Type #5, the FEIR, brings great mental, physical/ biomechanical, spatial, and genetic clarity to this extraordinary and inborn athletic design.)

In the book, the following people are identified as ESTPs which none of them was (even from an MBTI designation of ESTP). These people included: Winston Churchill, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, George S. Patton, Douglas MacArthur all were identified as ESTPs. So were Malcolm X, Dale Carnegie, L. Ron Hubbard and Ernest Hemingway.

Author Feldman somehow came up with these people and linked them to the ESTP personality type. JN has never stated or published any of these persons as having this type or profile, even in far past days when JN used these error-ridden letters to appeal to his audiences with Myers-Briggs awareness. We’re not positive, but as of now, we assume the author got these names from the web or another misleading source where misguided Myers-Briggs devotees were once again mistyping high-profile people. Additionally, a lengthy (and humorous) chapter could be written here on these supposed ESTPs and how far removed they actually are, mentally, physically, spatially and genetically, from genuine #5s, the FEIRs (which sometimes reflect an ESTP phenotype or persona).

For the record, accurate behavioral assessing can never be done without the new science of Brain Typing. Not only is it being verified by genetic research but BT is the only approach that objectively and cerebrally quantifies not only cognitive traits, but physical/ biomechanical, and spatial/ visual ones as well! These ensure precisely accurate evaluations that are far removed from ALL personality measurements, which are entirely subjective and have no reliance on the body sciences.

And lastly (though there’s much more that could bring further enlightenment), as pointed out in JN’s parenting book, he’s been carefully researching the brain for over 30 years assisted by many of America’s top neuroscientists. He’s done genetic studies over a 19-year span, and for more than a decade hea’s engaged in personally testing via QEEG numerous subjects both athlete and non-athlete. JN has been trained and supported by one of the most competent electro-physiologists in the world, who also happens to be a psychiatrist, M.D.

Yes, JN attained a university degree in Finance, but only after dropping a pre-med program due to his recent marriage and the necessity of supporting a new family. But for the past 30 years or so, he has devoted full time to scientifically evaluating human behavior. And at the counsel of his highly-degreed neuroscience associates way back in the 80s, he avoided the mandated and restricting orthodox curriculum and research and instead branched out to attempt new approaches to quantifying human behavior. This way he was able to still use all reliable scientific experiments and technology but to attempt studies outside the official protocol of academia.

To say the least, JN as well as all the hard scientists who’ve collaborated with him over these years, are ecstatic that he has gone on to turn the psychological and psychiatric worlds upside down bringing insights and science they never dreamed possible. Unfortunately for some psychologists still stuck in the Dark Ages, they find the science of BT deeply threatening to their unscientific, subjective soft science. (Did you know fewer than 5% of all psychologists use brain mapping or imaging when assessing their patients? Some suggest, why do that when you can subjectively speculate on their various maladies where you can’t be held as accountable and often offer them a money-making drug, regardless the side-effects?) Can you imagine cardiologists not using EKGs and other heart equipment/ technologies? Not many of us would trust their advice without these 21st century devices, so why shouldn’t the same standards be used for psychologists and psychiatrists if only as an adjunct?

History is loaded with renowned movers and shakers, especially in the science world, who had little to no formal education. Take Ben Franklin, who only had 2 years of formal school, and that was before age 10! According to Wikipedia:  A renowned polymath, Franklin was a leading author, printer, political theorist, politician, postmaster, scientist, inventor, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat. As a scientist, he was a major figure in the American Enlightenment and the history of physics for his discoveries and theories regarding electricity. As an inventor, he is known for the lightning rod, bifocals, and the Franklin stove, among other inventions. He facilitated many civic organizations, including Philadelphia’s fire department and a university.

Pages (and books) could be filled on Ben’s, and other uneducated personsa remarkable accomplishments. Yet JN’s post-grad research and studies alone could be matched by few even in academia. Perhaps soon, with his regained health, the final evidences of BT can be released for all the world to see, and trust us, JN’s interests in BT go far beyond sports. He has only used the athletic world as a laboratory to primarily quantify the physical, spatial aspect of BT, and his success there also provided the necessary funding for his scientific explorations.

JN’s passion is to help mankind try to get back on track making this a safe and sound world that values and treasures human life and each of our inborn, God-given BTs.

In retrospect, JN is so grateful he chose marriage over medicine at the youthful age of 20 for at least a few prime reasons. Now approaching 47 years of marriage to his beloved Barbara (a rare #10 BT), she has been there to assist him every step of the way (including 3 children and a handful of grandchildren) and to continually remind him of the inestimable value of people which he says he has desperately needed. They are no longer just objects or numbers to him; they are emoting, living souls searching for meaning and significance in life. He hopes and prays to help them with that process especially since he’s been granted a little more time from above.