The past few weeks have all been about the Brady Bunch. Bill Belichick (#15 FCIL), Tom Brady (#9 FCAR), and the Patriot’s ball boy. And just like the Brady Bunch television show of the 1970s, people are seeing a lot of cheesy acting going on.

It’s obvious that Tom Brady had something to do with this,” said former star quarterback Troy Aikman (#5 FEIR). “For the balls to be deflated, that doesn’t happen unless the quarterback wants that to happen, I can assure you of that. I know going back to when I played, they’ve loosened up the rules in terms of what each team is able to do with the footballs coming into the game. Used to, the home team provided all the balls. And now, each team brings their footballs the way they like them and break em in. Used to you couldn’t break them in. Now the question becomes did Bill Belichick know about it.”

Former Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward (#1 FEARechoed Aikman’s thoughts, telling the “Today” show that the only people who probably knew about “Deflategate” were “Tom Brady and the ball boy.”  Hines went on to say, “It’s cheating, regardless of how you may want to spin it. It helps Tom Brady, provides a better grip on the football, especially in bad weather conditions like rain.”

There’s another well-known #1 FEAR who thinks the same, and he’s legendary coach and broadcaster, John Madden“That would have to be driven by the quarterback, That’s something that wouldn’t be driven by a coach or just the equipment guy. Nobody, not even the head coach, would do anything to a football unilaterally, such as adjust the amount of pressure in a ball, without the quarterback not knowing. It would have to be the quarterback’s idea.”

Grief. Need we add anything more? Yeah, we’ll add just a bit but first, did you notice anything special about these 3 people who put ALL the culpability on Brady? They are all Empiricals, those who deal primarily with reality, not theories or imaginations. If anyone wants to know what is, it’s best to consider the here-and-now realists.

Now back to the Brady Bunch. We concur that Bill Belichick likely didn’t know anything about it. If you watched his initial interview, the no-nonsense #15 FCIL looked and acted exceedingly corked, not convicted (ala Mr. Clinton), and like Madden pointed out, a head coach is not going to deflate a football without his quarterback knowing. At the same, we do want to point out that Belichick has not set a good example of what it means to play fairly over the years. Remember “Spygate” just a few years ago? The Patriot videotaped other teams’ coaches to steal hand signals, and much more. Belichick claimed he interpreted the rules wrongly, paid the fine, and continued coaching as if nothing had happened. In the interim, his video staffer, Matt Walsh, got the ax. Yes, sports and politics do have their similarities.

As one author writes, “Would a ball boy deflate balls illegally after they were approved by the referees without asking Belichick or Brady for permission?”  No, he wouldn’t. “But somewhere, locked inside a janitor’s closet somewhere deep in the bowels of Gillette Stadium, there’s probably another young staffer waiting to be sacrificed.” Yep! Poor kid!

Anyway, did you catch Tom Brady’s press conference last week? Feeling and imagining that he could get his audience to swallow his incredulous explanation, Pied Piper Tommy spent an inordinate amount of time (don’t stop till everybody’s chillin) answering soft-ball questions from reporters (virtually all were New England biased). Though he came out dry-mouthed and scared, his accommodating audience allowed him to settle into a smiling, personable and charming self, very much akin to his #9 design.

At the same time, every watching defense lawyer in America was screaming at the TV within the first few minutes, with each journalist question almost deliberately avoiding the only relevant and tough ones. (It was like a Press Conference where our President only allows reporters to be present who adhere to his viewpoint.) “How do your teammates feel about what’s going on?” Say what? Was this a place for a Mr. Rogers interview?

We all know if we were any courtroom across the U.S., we’d instead be hearing, you’re saying you never feel the ball for softness before or during the game?” (Then why do you admit to loving the ball to be at the NFL minimum, 12.5 psi, and like the Charmin commercial, have only conveyed publicly softer is best); would you be willing to take a lie detector test, Mr. Brady, and so on? When temperamental Tommy finally was asked a lone, meaningful question regarding the ball, his demeanor changed quickly and accompanying thought-processes went south in a hurry. His Conceptual, Animate functions (and deliberately repressed conscience) did not serve him well by what followed illogical ramblings and guilt-ridden body language. Fortunately for Tom, he was mercifully tossed another softball and enabled to gain his footing once again all the way till they closed the gathering by collectively singing Kumbaya.

#9s are not good liars, especially when their Inanimate function is questioned under pressure. Guilt overrides logical inadequacies and to the trained eye, it’s obvious. Oh, and by the way, though Brady said he never noticed the deflated ball, how ironic that the lone time an opponent got to touch it, a non-QB no less, he detected it! For those of you who’ve never played QB, especially at the NFL level, the first thing these QBs do is caress the oblong leather ball. How does it feel?

We have told our followers of Brady’s inborn design ever since he came into the league. Every Brain Type is capable of lying, and to be sure, some do it much better than others. Regarding Tom’s innocence or guilt, we concur with many other sports analysts. Tom Brady obviously knew about the deflated footballs. As another author writes, “The only person to blame for the scandal is the only person who touches the football on every play and that person is Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.”

We’ll wait and see what transpires, but it’s highly unlikely the buck will stop with Brady. If the NFL acts as it has in recent days, it will all go away quietly into the sunset. At the most, IF it can be proven which accomplished cheaters rarely allow some low-level employee will likely become the fall guy. It’s unfortunate that the Patriots have had such a history of cheating, reminding us that character is more important than championships. In Tom Brady’s own words, “The integrity of the sport is very important.”

Written by: Staff
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