It is Super Bowl week and, as usual, Brain Types are making news in the days leading up to the big game. First, we had #15 FCIL Bill Belichick and #9 FCAR Tom Brady playing roles in Deflategate. As usual, the BTInsider provided unique unmatched insight into the mystery and the Pied Piper Brady’s probable role.

Just when we thought that story would continue to be the big story overshadowing the big game, however, the petulant Marshawn Lynch comes along and steals the show during Super Bowl Media Day by saying nothing? Well, he didn’t actually say nothing, but the words that came out essentially amounted to nothing and that is big news, apparently in today’s social media world, where everyone has something to say, and famous people are expected to say even more.

The NFL’s mandatory Media Day actually takes place over three days (Tue-Wed-Thu) during the week prior to Super Bowl Sunday. All players and coaches are required to make themselves available to the media at designated podiums for a minimum of five minutes, though most tend to stay for well over an hour or until every question is answered.

On Tuesday, Lynch repeated the same answer to every single question, stating I’m here so I won’t get fined. On Wednesday, he followed up Tuesday’s performance with a similar song, but different lyrics. He repeatedly answered, You know why I’m here to every question, regardless of the topic. Only when the timer he had set on his phone hit five minutes did he change his tune, saying, Thank you, I appreciate it as he left the podium. Finally, yesterday Marshawn opened up with a one minute forty second diatribe highlighting the fact that he had nothing to say, before finishing up with some rather inane shout outs.

All of these antics have people talking about how the shy Seahawks running back just doesn’t feel comfortable talking to people. In fact, a quick Google search of Marshawn Lynch Introvert returns over 20,000 results! While Marshawn may well be uncomfortable talking to the media, that certainly does not make him a Back-brained introvert. As Brain Type aficionados are well aware, the personality mask that one chooses to wear, such as choosing to be a cranky, impatient juvenile with the media does not necessarily constitute the way one is innately wired. One’s Brain Type, of course, does often manifest itself in one’s behavior and Lynch’s interaction with the media is far from the behavior of a Back-brainer. Rather, it is the sometimes moody and sometimes immature, but immensely talented #1 FEAR. Have you also noticed what an energetic, relentless, punishing runner he is? Lynch, possessing the nickname of “Beast Mode,” has an approach to running that flattens would-be tacklers. The consistent high-energy he brings, along with smooth, gross motor dominance, are starting points that should help even the novice Brain typist to focus in on his inborn design. We took a quick look at Lynch prior to last year’s Super Bowl, which you can see here.

Here’s a revealing interview of Marshawn:

A variety of Brain Types will play major roles in Super Bowl XLIX:


Bill Belichick – #15 FCIL
Pete Carroll – #13 FCIR


Tom Brady – #9 FCAR
Russell Wilson – #13 FCIR

Running Backs:

Marshawn Lynch, –#1 FEAR


Rob Gronkowski – #13 FCIR

Defensive Backs:

Richard Sherman – #13 FCIR

Written by: Staff