Did you catch the NBA all-star game last night? The West went on to beat the East 163-158, and Russell Westbrook (#13 FCIR) had 41 points and was the game’s MVP.  Of course, who knows what the score really would have been had both teams been playing like it was the NBA Finals, but it’s always fun to watch.

Did anybody notice the coaches on each end? You had Steve Kerr (#8 BEILon one side, and Mike Budenholzer on the other. We began to take notice of coach Budenholzer months ago, but it wasn’t until we receive some requests from BTInsiders that we decided to take a a closer look. Anyone who has been following the NBA as of late knows that the Atlanta Hawks are one of the hottest teams in the league right now. They have some talent, for sure, but they also have some serious talent at the coaching position.

It’s only his second year, and already Budenholzer is making a name for himself. He’s been around for awhile, but only as an assistant for Gregg Popovich (#16 BCIL) at San Antonio for nearly two decades. Yes, two decades! One will certainly pick up a thing or two from a disciplined, hard-working #16 BCIL during that time, especially if one’s design is already similar, or dare we say, the same. Yes, Budenholzer is another #16 BCIL. What other BT could stay with the irascible and demanding Pop that long?  (btw, is anyone seeing any resemblance to former PGA player, Tom Kite?).

You can never put a smile on his face, says Hawks guard Jeff Teague (#2 BEAR)I don’t care what you do. He just doesn’t smile. I think it just trickles down to the team.

So how did the intensely private Budenholzer even make it on the Spurs? Back in 1994 he was hired as a video coordinator. Yes, he was a techy, and two years later he was named an assistant coach under Popovich. Wow, you talk about working your way up! That is where #16s are particularly gifted. They are slow, patient, methodical, and willing to strategically grind the ax for however long needed to achieve their goals, and dominate the competition. Nor are they materialists; it’s not that they can’t enjoy riches, but in the process of achieving their goals, money means next to nothing. This is why they will work for free if that’s what it takes to achieve their ambitions. Budenholzer actually began his “career” as a gofer for Popovich while he was doing a brief stint as Don Nelson’s (#16 BCIL) assistant in Golden State. “I brought him in as a video guy for no pay and no tickets, Popovich recalled. “Just go in the backroom there and when I ask you for something, give it to me. Don’t talk to me, don’t do anything.”

We don’t need to point out that, yet again, two Inanimate Q4s have distinguished themselves as distinguished coaches in the NBA, so we won’t. Interestingly, Steve Kerr himself also spent some time “under” Popovich as a player, and both he and Budenholzer (especially) implement an offense and defense that “resemble the Spurs.”  Go figure!

Between Kerr’s and Budenholzer’s inborn Brain Types, which of the two is prone to be more communicative and likable? Consistently, you would find the #8 BEIL to have a more engaging persona (as dominant Empiricals, they relate to the “here and now”). Between the two, Kerr is no exception, who doesn’t mind playing the funny man every once in awhile. Before the weekend, when asked about his goals, he couldn’t help but take a jab at his former coach (Popovich), who likes to rest his players during the regular season to get them prepared for the postseason.

“The main thing I want to do is run Tim Duncan into the ground,” Kerr said.

Steve went on to poke fun at Duncan himself after a team practice. “I was disappointed in Duncan’s effort. So I’m going to have to have a talk with him later. He never listened to me when we were teammates, so there’s no way he’s going to listen to me when I’m his coach.”

Check out the interview below to see two rare designs talking and sitting side by side.



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