He just turned sixty, and “continues to attack life.”  He’s one of the most memorable golfing legends in history, probably because you can’t help but see his famous shark logo whenever you’re around the game of golf. Yes, we’re talking about Greg Norman, and as one author writes, “Greg Norman doesn’t do retirement. You wonder if he doesn’t do sleep. His motto attack life  remains foremost in his DNA.”

You got that exactly right!

“FEIRs, always in motion, may make you tired just by watching them,” wrote Niednagel nearly two decades ago (and who Typed Norman long before that).  “They are noted for their zealousness and for enjoying life to its fullest, having the gift for finding excitement in everything they do. Tackling life’s opportunities head-first, they would not be considered gun shy or timid.”

The only thing, seemingly, that can slow down an #5 FEIR is bad health, ala John Daily (see Cigarettes and Diet Coke for Jon Daly). When they take care of themselves, however, the fountain of youth is flowing within them. “I’m the fittest I’ve ever been as I approach 60, which seems to be a strange statement to make, but I’ve worked out extremely hard since 1991,” Norman said in a phone interview. “I can play two hours of tennis like I did yesterday and go to the gym for two hours. I’ll do that three to four days a week. My genes are very, very good. When I look at 60, I feel 45.”

Norman’s adventurous life has included jumping out of planes and swimming with great whites. Last year, he had quite the scare when he nearly lost his left hand in a chainsaw accident while trimming tress on his Jupiter, Florida, property. “When it happened I looked down and went, ‘Oh (expletive), this is not good.’ But I all of a sudden kicked in to a calm mode. I remember thinking I was liking that it happened now instead of when I was playing in the prime of my career. And I immediately thought about making the best of this situation. If I don’t golf the rest of my career, I’ve had a great career. There was no panic button.”

By the way, this “no panic button” is one thing that makes #5s such great quarterbacks.

Greg’s business company, Great White Shark Enterprises, continues to do well, though he thinks it’s only 20% of what it could be. “It’s such a fulfilling mental place to be in. There are so many opportunities. The future is there because of the way I have established the company today.”

Whether or not Norman returns to golf due to his hand injury remains to be seen, but to him, that’s life, and he has no regrets. “I’ve always lived to seize the moment, to squeeze every drop of expectation out of myself for whatever that moment gives you. In my mind, what’s done is done, and everything you can do from this moment on is up to you.  never really cried over spilled milk. If I have surgery, I look forward to coming back stronger. I’ve always been forward thinking.”

Written by: Staff
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