Wow! Leave it to a #8 BEIL to establish an unpopular rule that benches players for getting technicals for complaining to officials. Yes, that would be Jeff Hornacek, and the controversial rule for technical fouls simply states, “If you get a T for arguing with an official, you’re benched for the rest of the game.”  The hypothetical rule became reality when Goran Dragic (#13 FCIR) was benched against the Houston Rockets after picking up a technical, and then again when Marcus Morris (#13 FCIR) picked up one against the Clippers.

After some discussion with the team, a little leeway has been allowed by Horny (Jeff’s nickname), but not much. “I told them, Hey, if you guys do that, and kind of help each other out there on the court, we’ll kind of look at it and it might be my discretion whether we do it for the rest of the game so we don’t have that necessarily hard rule. But I may still sit them for the end of the game if I feel like it and they know that.

He again went on to state:  I think we have to put some responsibility on the players. Them helping each other, good chemistry teams do that. Indeed, when it comes to the word “responsibility,” your #8 is typically among the most duty driven, preferring structure and order (Q4 region).  When you look down the list of well-known #8s, one has to chuckle.  Think of basketball’s John Wooden and Mike Krzyzewski, or golf’s Jack Nicklaus and Paul Azinger. One might even mistake the NBA’s Steve Kerr as Hornacek’s long lost brother.

The Suns are currently 3rd in the Western Conference, with most people seeing Jeff as doing a great job as Suns head coach thus far. Whatever their record come the end of the season, it’s pretty safe to say Jeff Hornacek won’t be let go any time soon for lack of team discipline.

Written by: Staff
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