We return now to the land of the hard-to-find #10 BCAR … or should we say, Neverland (Peter Pan nickname), to highlight two current #10s in the NBA who are making a name for themselves (we highlighted Kareem last week). We’ll start with the first, 7’2″ Rudy Gobert, who simply made a name for himself last week for getting in a scuffle with shorty 6’11” Nerlens Noel (#13 FCIR) of the 76ers. Both were slapped with technical fouls, and Gobert told the press exactly why he was frustrated. He was talking too much, that’s why. I just got mad and I shouldn’t react. I shouldn’t react.

From a Brain Type’s perspective, the ordeal is no surprise. The #13 “talks too much,” and the #10 “reacts.”  Gobert went on to say, I try to really control my emotions, because I don’t want to get a technical every game. Rudy apparently didn’t’ like how the 6-11 Noel swung his body into him after the dunk. He (hung) on the rim and put his knee in my face a little bit, Gobert said. We won the game, he said, so I’m not mad.

Meanwhile, he’s being called “a steal,” but BTI saw the robbery coming (as it were) from a mile away. His name is Jordan Clarkson, another #10 BCAR, and he was a second-round draft pick who went to the Lakers and should have gone much higher. The 6’5″ speedster’s rookie season has been impressive, averaging 10 points a game (15 in the last several) and recording the highest field-goal percentage among rookie guards. He scored a career high 25 points last week, and coach Byron Scott (#6 BEIRsays he has high hopes for him. He’s learning he can play in this league at a very high level. But he’s also learning the last three or four minutes of the game is where he has to be at his best.

Chris Vernon of the Chris Vernon Show recently Tweeted, “I didn’t know who dude was. He gonna be good. 2nd rd pick? Who evaluatin this talent?” Twitter @ChrisVernonShow

Yeah, who is evaluating this talent, anyway? Now, Clarkson will be no Michael Jordan, but if he plays smart, sees the floor, controls his emotions, and stays within his limitations, he will be a valuable asset to any team. Not only do most #10s end up being NBA scoring machines, but they can be excellent defenders; among other things, they have lightning quick hands. Oh, and shooting the ball well will definitely help his prospects. This will likely happen in the years ahead since he has solid shooting mechanics and good hops on his jumper. In Kobe Bryant’s (#2 BEAR) own words on Clarkson, “Great pace, great feel for the game. Can shoot the deep ball.”

Written by: Staff
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