So the headline reads, “Prince Charles Opens Up About Love & Life.”  and Brain Type enthusiasts may be thinking, “Is this #16 BCIL really going to open up?” The extent of that has yet to be seen, as “Spotlight: Charles and Camilla” will air this Saturday at 7:30 ET on CNN.

On CNN’s web site, however, Prince Charles did open up a bit about his wife Camilla, and it’s all praise for the duchess. From a Brain Type’s perspective, many of his quotes are all-too predictable about himself and his #11 FCAL wife. Charles goes on to say, “It’s always marvelous to have somebody who, you know, you feel understands and wants to encourage. Although she certainly pokes fun if I get too serious about things. And all that helps.”

Now remember, when Charles married Camilla back in 2005, the world was not too keen on his new bride. The adored Princess Diana (#3 FEAL) had died only 8 years prior, with polls at the time showing that between 57% and 73% of Brits opposed Charles’ new wife being known as queen. In those 10 years, things have changed, with Camilla often seen “supporting her husband or promoting a set of causes she has a genuine connection with.”  Like fellow #11 Laura Bush, she’s also big on literacy, as well as preventing sexual violence. To be sure, few #11 FCAL wives in the public eye are disliked, as they often win people over with their genuine charm and grace. Now, polls show that only 35% oppose Camilla being known as queen, and “nearly one in four said they liked her more now than they did 10 years ago.”

Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive at BTI are those regarding marriage and Brain Types. “Does this Type go well with that Type?”  When it comes to the calm, quiet and collected #16 BCIL, the ideal spouse is an encouraging, optimistic, not-too-talkative supporter. Between the #3 FEAL and the #11 FCAL, the latter certainly fits the “role” more readily. Diana and Charles’ rocky marriage is no secret to anyone, and while it largely had to do with Charles’ stiff and uncaring ways (according to reports), Diana also likely drove him nuts with her Empirical, dominant Animate tongue. In contrast, the #11 FCAL female is slower to speak, mulling over matters with their Conceptual intuition before engaging in any long-winded discussions. Indeed, as fellow Conceptuals, they’re also quicker to grasp ideas and concepts that the #3 would rather leave to the dusty book shelf.

In short, Camilla is the better match. Let’s hope she continues to remind Charles not to “get too serious.”

Written by: Staff
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