She’s been a veteran TV-news medical correspondent for years, and one that Jon Niednagel enjoyed spending time with over 15 years ago when he was featured on ABC’s Saturday Night’s “The Pulse.”  Her name is Dr. Nancy Snyderman, and she announced last week that she would be stepping down from her current position at NBC News due to violating the terms of a self-imposed quarantine after being potentially exposed to the Ebola virus last year. Covering the Ebola epidemic last fall in Liberia, and then becoming part of the story upon my return to the U.S., contributed to my decision that now is the time to return to academic medicine, Snyderman said in a statement.

Nancy, a trained pediatrician and a practicing surgeon, is an accomplished, competent #15 FCIL. By clicking “Video Clips,” viewers can watch Jon Niednagel as he observes her tennis swing and tells her about herself. Snyderman has always been professional and objective, even helping to promote the validity of Brain Typing. Her career has indeed been impressive, having also reported on health for ABC’s “Good Morning America” for 15 years.

As we’ve reminded Brain Type enthusiasts since the beginning, FCILs don’t want to be told what to do. While they appreciate structure, rules, and guidelines, they don’t always mind breaking them if it helps to serve their purposes and goals (ala Bill Belichick and Brian Williams). Snyderman’s case is much less overt than the many others we’ve reported on, and the entire ordeal is quite unlike her character in so many ways. Still, it serves as an example of how #15s can bend the rules when temptation presents itself.

To be sure, #15s would do well to make sure they follow the rules they so readily promote. In her own words, “I stepped outside the boundaries of what I promised to do and what the public expected of me, and for that I’m sorry.

Written by: Staff
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