What Brain Type is most apt to push you, and push you, and push you, until you succeed? What Brain Type is the most driven to accomplish a goal, to see results, and to cross the finish line, only to then look for the next race to compete in? If you guessed the #15 FCIL or the #7 FEIL, you would be correct, though the A+ score goes to those who guessed #15.

Jim Harbaugh, a #15 FCIL, is no longer coach of the San Francisco 49ers, where in 3 years he took a team that was “nothing” and made them “excellent,” in Mike Greenberg’s (#13 FCIR) own words (host of Mike and Mike). Now, he is headed to the University of Michigan to coach college ball, and in the words of offensive lineman Alex Boone, “I think he’s a better college coach than he would be as an NFL coach.It’s different for college kids than pro players. I don’t think college kids can say, ‘Hey, Jim, you’re pissing me off today.'”

So why would Alex imply that Jim has been ticking people off? Simply because he has been, and Boone went on to be more specific. “I think he just pushed guys too far. He wanted too much, demanded too much, expected too much. You know, ‘We gotta go out and do this. We gotta go out and do this. We gotta go out and do this.’ And you’d be like, ‘This guy might be clinically insane. He’s crazy.'”

No, he’s not crazy. Jim is just true to his Type, though perhaps at a more extreme level. Asked whether he has a problem with working others too hard, Harbaugh replied, “It must be true. Because I’d wear out my welcome. People just don’t want to be around you for a while.”

Coaching is always a delicate balance. You want to push your team, but remain a friend; be a tactical leader, but not a over-scrutinizing tyrant. Several weeks ago, Brian Shaw, a #2 BEAR (Harbaugh’s opposite BT), was fired as head coach of the Denver Nuggets. His problems were likely the opposite of Harbaugh’s, with a lack of strategic thinking and disciplined training of his players. When the pendulum swings too far to either side, a coach’s days are often cut short.

Still, Alex Boone thinks Harbaugh will do well at Michigan, and it’s likely that he will. As he pointed out, college athletes can’t talk back, and if they faithfully carry out Jim’s battle-tactic orders, they likely will find success. Let’s just hope Harbaugh’s pendulum doesn’t swing too far to the extreme #15 side. Yet, also consider what the Patriots Bill Belichick has accomplished through his domineering #15 ways. Everyone, and that includes everyone, in the organization is intimidated by his rather tyrannical ways. As long as a coach keeps winning, however, especially the big ones, all things will be tolerated.

Written by: Staff
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