She’s always been charming, positive, and upbeat, quite unlike a number of other women in politics with her inborn design. Sure, the female #15 FCIL can speak positively, forcing the best “feeling” smile she can muster while telling the crowds how the future holds great promise (in order to garnish votes), but you’d be hard-pressed to find a genuinely sweet and considerate female #15 in the political arena these days.
Think of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, or even conservative talk show host Megyn Kelly. All are quite visibly sharp tacks, ready to verbally tackle you to the ground at a moment’s notice. Sarah Palin especially and Michele Bachmann, though much more charming in manner, have quite the tough side that’s evident when they jump into the political ring.

Former Press Secretary Dana Perino is a unique #15 whom most everyone loved at a time when political foes hated George W. Bush (#15). In fact, his administration was predominantly lead by #15s, with Dick Cheney as Vice President and Colin Powell as Secretary of Defense. Presently, Dana is on a tour promoting her positively upbeat book so aptly titled, “And the Good News Is: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side.”  She is also one of five hosts on the popular television program “The 5” on Fox News.

According to one review on her book, “A recurring theme in AND THE GOOD NEWS IS…is that planning has never worked for Dana; every time she has made a plan, something unexpected-and often better-has happened.”  Indeed, leave it to the FCIL to do everything they can to plan life! One thing Perino said she learned from our former President was how to forgive. I wanted to make sure he knew how bad the coverage was and how I was concerned it would last. His answer surprised me. I’d like you to try to forgive him, he said. Well can I throw him under the bus first? No, he said with a smile.

Written by: Staff
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