We thought our viewers should catch a recent article titled, “The consummate professional,” talking about a man who was voted the recipient of the 2015 Magic Johnson award, which was “named for the player in NBA history who most understood and appreciated the media’s job as messenger to the public.”  The recipient this year was Pau Gasol (#15 FCIL), a player we’ve touched upon a number of times in the past for his hard work ethic and mature behavior with players and the paparazzi. Of course, Magic Johnson is a #1 FEARwho was particularly known for treating the media with respect (ulike his #10 BCAR teammate, Kareem Abdul Jabbar). The first NBAer to take home the award years ago was another #1, Ray Allen, followed by Elton Brand (#1 FEAR), Dirk Nowitzki (#10 BCAR), Chris Bosh (#13 FCIR), Grant Hill (#10 BCAR) and Antawn Jamison (#9 FCAR). Looking at the stats, Gasol is the first Left brainer to take home the trophy!

In contrast, we thought these quotes from the article were rather amusing.

Rajon Rondo (#2 BEAR), Russell Westbrook (#13 FCIR), Kendrick Perkins (#1 FEAR), Blake Griffin (#1 FEAR) and Deron Williams (#1 FEAR) come to mind among a very few whom you’d prefer to avoid and ignore if you could given regular episodes of simply being uncivil.”

Just goes to show how the #1, especially, can be so likable and dislikable based on character and upbringing.

Back to the article, it goes on to say, “Gasol is a truly remarkable man. Every game this season, win or lose, good game or bad, Gasol has been there to speak with reporters. He can be political at times, though always earnest and thoughtful. He’ll be critical, but never personal.”  The last statement, especially, sounds quite like the quintessential #15.

Congratulations, Pau. It’s especially commendable considering one of the most hated players to have played the game, Christian Laettner, shared your same design!

Written by: Staff
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