The Houston Rockets are headed to the NBA finals, thanks in large part to James Harden’s (#1 FEAR) stellar play in yesterday’s game again the Los Angeles Clippers. Harden returned to “his dominating self with 31 points, 8 assists and 7 rebounds to lift the Rockets past the Clippers 113-100 in their Western Conference semifinals series.” Amazingly, the Rockets came back from a 3-1 deficit in the series, becoming only the ninth team in NBA history to do so.

“We just have a never-give-up attitude,” said Josh Smith previously, another #1 FEAR like Harden. “All year long we fought through a lot of adversity and it’s just a testament of what we did throughout the season. God has been grateful to this team and we just feel like we’re a blessed unit and we can do something special.”  We think Smith meant something like, “God has been good to this team.”  The #1 wasn’t worrying about semantics at the time.

At any rate, have you noticed that the Rockets are stacked with feeling Animates? You have James Harden, Josh Smith (#1 FEAR), Dwight Howard (#9 FCAR), Jason Terry (#2 BEAR), Patrick Beverley (#2 BEAR), Trevor Ariza (#2 BEAR), Corey Brewer (#1 FEAR), Terrence Jones (#1 FEAR), and Joey Dorsey (#3 FEAL). In fact, every player in the Rockets rotation is an Animate, except one – #13 FCIR Pablo Prigioni. (Coincidentally, it was the calm, aggressive, and lone, strategic Inanimate who turned the game around for the Rockets in game 7; he clearly deserved the game ball.) You have to wonder what coach Kevin McHale (#15 FCIL) thinks of his emotional group of guys (especially since he knows Brain Types). After all Dwight Howard leads the NBA in postseason technical fouls with five (seven merits an automatic one-game suspension), has two flagrant fouls and one fine for a hit above the shoulders of Clippers forward Matt Barnes. Speaking of the #10 BCAR Barnes, the Clippers star “hurled an extremely rude comment to her (James Harden’s mother) during last night’s NBA playoff game,” a few days back. Later, Barnes personally apologized to her.

As for Dwight, he went on to say regarding his technicals, “I get emotional out there. Sometimes, I let the emotions get the best of me. But I just want to win. That’s my only goal. Just smile, keep playing. That’s the only way.”

Through it all, McHale has seemingly been keeping his cool.” I just saw a very relaxed, very happy Kevin McHale,” tweeted Jenny Dial Creech after last game. “That doesn’t happen much. Big win for him tonight – he made some good decisions.” Indeed, McHale did make some very good decisions, encouraging his Animate players and bringing them back from the dead. For intense Clippers coach Doc Rivers (#6 BEIR), it was a tough loss“I’m broken up right now, but in my mind, I’m already thinking about next year.”

Now the Rockets are up against the Golden State Warriors, led by the rare #8 BEIL coach Steve Kerr. It’ll be fun to watch!

Written by: Staff
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