Last week we highlighted a conservative female #15 FCIL in the likable person of Dana Perino, along with her new book, And the Good News Is: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side. This week, in contrast, we’d like to turn our attention to a liberal #15 FCIL “talking head” by the name of Kirsten Powers. Yes, while Kirsten is a strong democrat, her new book would almost lead someone to believe she’s on the elephant’s side. Ominously titled, “The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech,” the description of the book goes on to read, “While preaching tolerance and claiming to hold liberal values, the illiberal left works to delegitimize political and ideological opponents in ways that stifle freedom of expression, thought, and religious belief.”

Powers went on to tell Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly (#13 FCIR) recently, “It’s systematic silencing that is going on. And they use the same tactic. I also am not talking about disagreement. I’m not talking about people being civil. I’m talking about these are people who are not having a debate. They will attack you, you are racist. You are misogynist. It’s never about what the actual issue is.”

Despite her liberal left leanings, Kirsten Powers is a dominant Left brain Inanimate, and takes a straight-line, objective approach at what’s going in America today, specifically on college campuses. “So there is a case at the university of California Santa Barbara where a women’s studies professor actually physically attack a 16-year-old pro-life demonstrator because as she told the police later she felt she was in harm. She felt like they were causing harm to her by being there and expressing a view and that she felt unsafe.”

To state the obvious, we’re not saying all Left brain dominant people, particularly #15 FCILs, are unbiased and objective, but to see Powers tell it like it is from the “right side” comes as no surprise to Brain Typists. Remember, Kirsten is an author and commentator, not a politician, and as such she doesn’t carry the same baggage as those working for Washington. She stepped back, looked at the situation with little emotion attached, and made a good call, just like an honest referee or umpire.

Kudos, Kirsten.

Written by: Staff
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