The cat is out of the bag. Really, it was already out, and we were one of the first to say it. Now, headlines across the sports world are reading, “NFL finds that Tom Brady (#9 FCAR) probably knew about deflated balls.”  Everyone is still saying “probably” only because there isn’t a locker room video showing Tom in a ski mask letting air out of pigskins, though there might as well be. That is, not Tom himself, but those he asked to do it for him.

Brady has refused to release personal emails and texts, so gathering evidence was going to be tough. Still, an investigation was issued months ago, and a 243-page report on “Deflategate” came out Wednesday and “stopped barely short of calling the Patriots star quarterback a cheater,” as one author writes. It went on to call some of Brady’s claims “implausible” and “left little doubt that he had a role in having footballs deflated before New England’s AFC title game against Indianapolis in January and probably in previous games.”  In other words, Brady instigated it, he knew about it, and yes, Tom Brady is a cheater.

Two Patriots locker room attendants, Jim McNally and John Jastremski, executed the plan, asking for expensive shoes, signed footballs, jerseys and cash in return. McNally’s texts portrayed Brady as a taskmaster. “$%&#* Tom,” one read.  Really, you have to read this article to believe it, detailing how everything was carefully executed like something out of Mission Impossible.

We’ll soon come back to Tom, but let’s briefly transition to a different dimension of this infamous event. From a Brain Type’s perspective, one interesting thing to note is that the CA “stork,” more than the CI “owl” or the EA “dove” or even the EI “hawk” (in certain situations), can struggle with fine-motor wrist issues. This may be particularly seen in golf (its short game) and sometimes football;  particularly at the quarterback position, such can be disastrous. Thus, having a softer ball for a better grip would particularly aid Mr. #9 Brady. Additionally, think about it … not only does it especially aid Brady, but also his receivers. Anyone who has ever played the game knows that catching a hard ball is much, much harder than catching a softer one i??particularly in nasty weather, like New England!

According to Ted Wells, the attorney who wrote the lengthy report, “We believe it is unlikely that an equipment assistant and a locker room attendant would deflate game balls without Brady’s knowledge and approval.”  Yes, Tom Brady knew, though sadly he may deny it till his last breath. For now, the world waits to see what the NFL consequences will be, not only for next season but Tom’s entire legacy. Whatever the stats at the end of his career, people will always be forced to mark a mental asterisk next to his name. We’re hopeful, however, by coming clean, Thomas will be ultimately remembered as regarding others more than self (starting with the 2 manipulated locker room attendants).

Written by: Staff
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