May 7, 1989 will forever live in his memory. Still, it’s not like there was anything he could have done differently. He nearly blocked the shot, but a man by the name of Michael Jordan (#6 BEIRwas able to hang in the air just a little while longer … long enough to see Craig Ehlo (#9 FCAR) descend to the earth while he was given a split-second clear view of the basket. The rest is history.

An article and video was recently posted about Mr. Ehlo, titled, “Craig Ehlo: Michael Jordan’s Most Famous Victim and the Lowest Point of His Life,” detailing Ehlo’s career in the NBA, as well as his addiction to pain medication drugs a few years ago after major back surgery. When he started buying drugs off the streets, Craig knew he was in trouble. Not long after he was arrested and thrown in jail overnight for domestic violence after he took his jacket and burned it in his driveway, thinking it was funny.

“I was up all night. It’s kinda like in the Old Testament, when some of those guys wrestled with God. I was wrestling with God in there.”

Thankfully, Craig Ehlo has been clean since August 1, 2013. By the way, when Jon Niednagel has been in Mr. Ehloa’s presence at different basketball venues, he’s always been a most cordial man wonderfully reflecting his #9 design. The FCAR design is likely the same as the great king of Israel, David, inherited via his DNA, which certainly didn’t inhibit his Old Testament reputation of man after God’s own heart.

You can catch the fascinating, sobering video below.



Written by: Staff
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