We saw an old friend in the news recently and wanted to share his story with our readers. Do veteran Brain Typists remember Dr. Tom Amberry, the man known as the “Big Kahuna of Free Throws” and who said of Jon Niednagel, The information that he (Jon) has compiled is amazing a wealth of knowledge for people to have. Amberry has been in Guinness Book of Records lists as the greatest free throw shooter of all time. Approaching age 70 on November 15, 1993, Dr. Tom sunk 2,750 in a row!

Amberry is now 92 years of age, and at 6-foot-7 he still gets around with assistance. Sometimes he uses a walker, and sometimes he uses a cane, which is fashioned out of a baseball bat. He’s been an avid Angels fan since 1961, and estimates he’s been to several thousand Angels games over the decades. Amberry, for folks who have seen our “Who Am I? Who Are You?” DVD, is a #2 BEAR. As we’ve mentioned so many times before, the #2 seems to consistently live longer than most other Brain Types, simply because they typically don’t take life too seriously, they sleep well, and they conserve their energy for when it’s needed. Just down the road from BTI, in fact, is a 91-year old BEAR who still gets out to take care of his cattle and gather fallen walnuts off the ground every autumn. (Unfortunately, due to arthritis, he’s finally been forced to give up his favorite endeavor that has prolifically demonstrated his #2 gross motor superiority cutting down massive trees in the forest and then axing them up for firewood!)

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Written by: Staff
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