Well, we have two new Republicans entering the Presidential race, and to be sure they are quite different from one another. The first describes himself as “introverted,” and although he didn’t use the exact word, as also “feeling.” He can cry at the drop of hat. In fact, just thinking about his #11 FCAL father (George Sr.) “might make him cry.”  His name is Jeb Bush.

The second man could be described as one of the least feeling, non-introverted people on the planet. He has made a living being by shrewd, cold-hearted, and decisive, particularly displayed best to the public eye on the television show, “The Apprentice.”  Yes, his name is Donald Trump, and he’s a legit and high powered #15 FCIL. CEO Donald is the only non-#13 FCIR, in fact, to be running as a Republican candidate.

Which takes us back to Jeb. Yes, he is a #13 FCIR. It’s not uncommon for #13 men to mis-Type themselves as Animate “feelers,” simply because they are highly Right brain dominant, the region of the brain that is more emotional, negative and pessimistic. The lay-personality typer tends to think, “Oh, he cries a lot, so he must be a feeler.”  While crying can be a clue (particularly of dominant Animates), it is certainly no guaranteed determinant, especially considering the many factors that can contribute to one’s emotional state (depression, lack of sleep, etc.).

Bush went on to say, “It’s something that took a little bit of getting used to for me, personally, to be able to show my heart, because I’m kind of introverted, but it’s important to do.” While Jeb may enjoy his time alone (#13s like retreating to their Conceptual, Inanimate world), and while it may take time to show his heart (it should since it is cerebrally subordinate to both C and I), we guarantee you Jeb is no Back-brain introvert. A simple glance of his outgoing, engaging face and a minute spent listening to him speak reveals that he is Front brain dominant.

This author (who’s been brain mapped and genetically tested as a genuine introverted Back-brainer), in fact, just had a conversation with a #13 FCIR a week ago where the man passionately insisted, with great exuberance and expression, that he was introverted, simply because he enjoyed being alone. Unknown to him, the argument had already been lost. He had already given himself away at the very moment the conversation started.

At any rate, “The Donald” was his usual self when he recently declared, “I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created.”  Despite his self-importance proclamation, if Hillary wins the Democratic nomination, the one most likely, and capable, of exposing her foibles, fabrications, and refuting her prepared talking points is indeed Trump. For one,He has the guts and the balls,” says Roberto Bezjon, a Trump Organization board member and owner of a high-end New York hair salon located in a Trump building. “He’s a straight shooter.”  Secondly, he’s a fellow #15, like Hillary, who most consistently win debates (remember #15 Romney vs. #13 Obama and #15 Paul Ryan vs. #13 Joe Biden). We all know how Trump has developed his gift of gab and says what he thinks, and considering the amount of baggage Hillary carries from various scandals and cover-ups, it would be quite the open season for Donald. In the end, however, he stands very little chance of getting that far.

The morals of this story are … pursue integrity above all, and do not get caught standing in the quicksand of personality typing. Spend time searching for the hidden, often subtle, inborn evidences that reveal who we really, and truly, are.

Written by: Staff
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