It’s not too often you hear a #13 FCIR calling a #2 BEAR “chatty,” but that’s what Jordan Hill of the Los Angeles Lakers basically labeled Kobe Bryant recently. When he’s on the floor, it’s like [exhales], all you hear is Kobe’s mouth,” Hill said when he was introduced by the Indiana Pacers, who acquired him through free agency this summer. “He’s on the floor, all you hear is Kobe’s mouth, like during practice and games, it get loud. It get loud. A lot of people can’t handle that, I guess.

Indeed, Bryant’s verbal, domineering approach to the game has reportedly been an issue in the decisions of “several big-name free agents to avoid signing with the Lakers during the past three offseasons.”  To Bryant’s credit, he has earned a reputation of being one of the hardest workers in the NBA, and sets high standards for his teammates. Growing up in Italy, upbringing played a large role in this. According to Bryant himself, learning basketball outside the U.S. was actually a huge advantage, as it taught him to rely on fundamentals, not athleticism. “I was lucky to grow up in Italy at a time when basketball in America was getting #&*@$ up with AAU shuffling players through on strength and athleticism. I missed all that, and instead I was taught extreme fundamentals: footwork, footwork, footwork, how to create space, how to handle the ball, how to protect the ball, how to shoot the ball. I wasn’t the strongest kid at that camp. I wasn’t the fastest. I wasn’t the most athletic.”

Remember that there are always exceptions to the “personality” rule, particularly when nurture comes into play. Kobe Bryant is to basketball was Tiger Woods is to golf. That is, both are seemingly “tough” individuals, but Kobe is still a definite #2 BEAR and Tiger a #10 BCAR (raised by a taskmaster #13). Remember, too, that both Types can be naturally lazy (energy conservers), yet both are known as hard working athletes, thanks largely to parenting (Kobe is the son of former professional basketball player Joe Bryant).

And now 39 years of age, Bryant’s career is finally heading into the sunset. Though he was predicted to be the next Michael Jordan, fewer people are comparing the two these days (Lebron James is fast becoming the comparison). Similar physically and athletically, MJ has always transcended KB with his #6 innate court smarts. Manifold evidences have been apparent over the years, but Kobe has made this more glaring of late by his insecure, me first mindset (on and off court). Though he always wants to win, it can become secondary when Kobe’s fragile ego begins to deflate. Contrary to public perception, fellow-“feeler” Tom Brady does not hold the exclusive patent to Deflategate. Kobe has created his own version, but if he can stay injury free, his EAR Methuselah gross motors and indefatigable approval drive could keep him playing many more years not likely in a Lakers uni, however.

Written by: Staff
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