Have you seen the hot viral video posted by bloggers Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, titled, Megyn Kelly and that Damn Debate. If you haven’t, we posted it below for you to enjoy. Regardless of your political persuasion, or your persuasion within the GOP party, it is absolutely hilarious to watch. Yes, both Lynnette and Rochelle are #13 FCIRs, and boy did they put on a show to get their point across to Fox News’ pit bull Megyn Kelly (#15 FCIL).

“Here’s the damn deal, Megyn Kelly, or Kelly Megyn, whatever your name is: Rosie O’Donnell started that whole foolishness! She was on The View and she was the one who spoke out against Donald and Donald had to come back on her!” The two ladies go on for nearly 5 minutes in a talented, intellectual rant that could put some seasoned TV and radio hosts to shame. At any rate, though Kelly has kept a relatively low profile regarding the ordeal, she stated in an interview Friday, “I’m sure nerves were high as they were for all of the candidates. He felt attacked. It wasn’t an attack. It’s okay with me that there’s some consternation. He’ll get over that and we’ll be fine.”

Actually, Kelly, quite a number people disagree with you, including lawyer and debate expert Hugh Hughett (#13 FCIR), Michael Savage (#13 FCIR), and Mark Levin (#13 FCIR), just to name a few. Michael Savage, PhD., pulled no punches when he stated on his show, “It’s clear that Martha Washington (one of Savage’s nick names for her), Roger Ailes, and Rupert Murdoch are working for Hillary Clinton. It’s as clear as a bell that ‘Mayhem Kelly’ has gone over to the dark side, and frankly her looks are changing.”  Lawyer, constitutional scholar, best selling author, and conservative talk radio host Mark Levin had this to say:  This isn’t a matter of who I support but a matter of basic fairness and what a debate is to be like.

Before the big debate, Bill Hemmer (#13 FCIR) and Martha MacCullum (#11 FCALmoderated the “junior league” debate with the lesser known contenders. Once again, this junior team parroted the major debate moderators by stilting many questions as if the Democrat party scripted them. All would be fair and fine, according to the critics, if only Democrat debates were handled in similar fashion (especially by the mainstream networks).

Interestingly for BT students, MacCullum, a rare #11 moderator choice (where extemporaneous logic is required), was cited as talking the longest, airing opinions rather than asking concise questions in order to provide adequate time for debater responses.

Truth is truth, and fairness is fairness, and it just goes to show that both the normally charming and Animate #11 FCAL, and the assertive #15 FCIL, can be as partial as the oft-one-upping #13 FCIR. Both Bret and Kelly, though usually fair and conservative in other matters, went on the attack for reasons only they truly know, though which seem obvious to the shrewdest of political insiders.

Be sure to watch the amateur yet dynamic bloggers below.



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