Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh (#15 FCIL) may be hinting at a 2016 presidential run, and given his quintessential Commander-In-Chief Brain Type, why shouldn’t he? During a press conference last Saturday afternoon after the Saints preseason opener, Harbaugh called the officials rusty after they apparently missed an intentional grounding, and went on to say, “Maybe they should start talking to one another. Maybe like our government too. Solve a problem once in a while, instead of creating a problem. Be more concerned about the country than you are your party. How about we do that? Let’s try to fix things around here, you know, in this country. That’s what made us great. After going on for a few more moments, he joked, I’m going Trump here.

More than you know, John.

Hey, if a billionaire tycoon #15 can become the Republican front-runner in only a matter of months, why not a #15 NFL football coach? Build the wall. It’s not that hard,” Harbaugh concluded. “If you don’t have a border, you don’t have a country. At the same time, we’ve got 12-15 million hard-working people here. Give them a shot!

Wow, a lot of inferences coming from the Inanimate Q3! Considering only the last, give them a shot, let’s ponder that a bit deeper. Yes, let’s give them a shot, but shouldn’t we do it by the rules? If Little League, the Girl Scouts, and even corner bars on Friday nights have mandated rules, much less the NFL and its iron-fisted ways (Deflategate, drugs, uniform standards, ad nausea), shouldn’t a civilized country attempting to preserve its very existence? Perhaps Big John has already forgotten his Ray Rice debacle. Yet his thoughts actually highlight a crucial issue facing all of us in this upside world. Do we, too, capitulate when it serves our individual desires or benefit?

Just a few thoughts to ponder.

Written by: Staff
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