When one thinks of the smartest Brain Type, or at least an inborn design with the highest IQ (which leans heavily towards the CI Owl’s favor), the #1 FEAR doesn’t initially come to mind. Yet, especially among females, they can be very intelligent people, largely dependent on nurture. And so, when it was reported last week that tennis star Serena Williams has been studying as a pre-med college major, potentially preparing the way for medical school (a much bigger hurdle), we weren’t overly surprised. After all, a large part of her motivation is her love for her sister,Venus (#9 FCAR), who was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome in 2011, a condition that affects the immune system. When we take a look at the Education section under the #1 FEAR in the BTInsider, we read, FEARs seek immediate relevancy to learning; direct application of knowledge is greatly valued.”

Serena went on to say that she has made her focus on “being able to find alternative ways of being healthy and not having to take all these medicines,”  which means, in her own words, “holistic medicines and stuff. I kind of really want to focus on that in my field, and I think it’s also healthier and better.”

Good for you, Serena. In our drug-laced society where we pop the latest pill to fix the symptom, not the cause, it’s refreshing to see someone in the limelight trying to swim upstream. Serena went on to say, “I like education and I don’t like to sit still. I don’t like any free time — I like to keep going and going. And I realize that’s just a craziness that I have, and that’s just who I am. And, yeah, I like it.”

No, Serena, you’re not crazy. You’re just a #1 FEAR, who from childhood has also been blessed with much parental oversight. Again, simply continue on in the ‘Education’ section and you’ll read, “They do not like to sit still when learning. Acting out the learning process, they enjoy hands-on involvement. If the learning process can’t be fun or highly interesting, the FEAR tends to tune out and start fidgeting.”

At any rate, next month Williams may become the first player since Steffi Graf (#6 BEIR) in 1988 to win the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open in a calendar year if she triumphs in New York. Not only was Steffi Graf a #6, but someone near and dear to Serena is also a #6 hawk, with tons of intensity and determination. It is none other than her life-long coach, and father, Richard Williams.

Written by: Staff
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