We bid farewell to another athlete, and this time it’s none other than “Chocolate Thunder,” Darryl Dawkins. He was known for his thunderous dunks, shattering two backboards during his career with his powerful gross-motor muscles. A #1 FEAR, he was reportedly as friendly as anyone you could meet. The world could be crashing down around him, and there was never a day when I didn’t see him with a smile on his face, said Doug Collins (#5 FEIR).

Kim Turner, a former Jazz public relations staffer, picked Dawkins up the day he was acquired and later took him to the airport to catch a flight to join the team in southern Utah. I think I said, Hello, I’m Kim Turner and in the next six hours the only thing I said was goodbye. He was one thing after another, cracking jokes, telling stories. He honest-to-goodness wore me out.

Energy expenders, for sure (unless opportunities or fun times are unavailable)!

After being chosen 5th in the 1975 NBA draft by the 76ers, Dawkins went on to spend 14 seasons in the league, also playing on the New Jersey Nets, the Utah Jazz and the Detroit Pistons. He was a man of flair and showmanship, true to his Brain Type, but of course he will forever be remembered most for his towering dunks“Darryl Dawkins is the father of power dunking,” Shaquille O’Neal (#6 BEIR) said. “I’m just one of his sons.”

Written by: Staff
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