With so many individuals vying for the U.S. Presidency, it is astounding to see what has transpired over the last several weeks. Of those “so many individuals,” only two are #15 FCILs, and ironically, both are leading their respective political parties. To be sure, you can’t hold a #15 down, and if you do, it won’t last long. Think of Martha Stewart, Colin Powell, Martin Luther King, George W. Bush, and even Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner!

Yes, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the two sole #15s at the top, and they are definitely both making names for themselves. Unfortunately for Hillary, her name has been plastered on headlines lately for what is now being labeled a “criminal probe” as the FBI investigates whether she used unsecured email accounts to send and store classified documents. According to the New York Post, “the inspector general for the intelligence community has told Congress that of 40 Clinton emails randomly reviewed as a sample of her correspondence as secretary of state, four contained classified information.” If it is proven that Clinton knowingly sent emails via unsecured means, she risks prosecution “under the same misdemeanor federal security statute used to prosecute former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus.” Of course, it will take an army to stop the Clinton machine that’s been running for some 30 years , but now many of her supporters are even aghast at the clandestine closet that keeps revealing more skeletons inside. If Trump plays his cards right, these skeletons could become very useful come future debates.

Speaking of Donald Trump, he has been the master of delegation for decades, which has given him great success in the business world, and is very typical of the #15. Unlike the #7 FEIL, the #15 FCIL doesn’t often get his or her hands into every little detail of business, instead allowing others to do things for them. This makes the #7 slower, and more methodical when it comes to accomplishing big tasks (ala John Boehner). The #15 is globally-minded, seeing far, far down the road. Trump has built an empire on his take-charge, let’s-push-forward-together mentality, and it is a strength many wish we had. As President, Trump would wheel-and-deal better than anyone, taking ‘reasonable’ hardline stances with other countries that most #13s wouldn’t dare risking (basically since their Right brain wouldn’t know how). Not being a politician, which is a major plus, it is quite refreshing for many who watch him. There’s no doubt he has skeletons of his own, but they’re likely quite different than those of Hillary.

Speaking of watching him, tonight will be the first Republican debate on Fox News. Four years ago we predicted Mitt Romney to win the first debate between he and Barack Obama (#13 FCIR), a prediction which glaringly came true. Tonight, though Trump will not have as much time to speak, expect him to stand out from the crowd with upfront answers and an unapologetic tone. He’ll definitely be the least “political sounding,” though that could backfire if he finds himself putting his foot in his mouth which he likely will not in this kind of forum. Most everything that comes from any #15s mouth has carefully been processed. All of Trump’s previous shock comments have been largely planned seeking to attain his desired goal. Whatever the case this evening, it will be fun to watch!

Written by: Staff
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