A few months ago we highlighted the physical stamina and overall good health of golfing legend Greg Norman. After all, most #5 FEIRs like to stay in shape, as they are usually big on body image and looking classy (think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stalone, and Hulk Hogan). And then, of course, there a few of those #5s who really couldn’t care less.

Of that group is golfer John Daly, who unfortunately experienced another setback as he collapsed a few weeks ago after playing a round at Deerfield Golf Club in Canton, Mississippi, where he was then transported to Baptist Medical Center in Jackson. He was discharged the next day and “is recovering from a collapsed lung.”  As we also reported months ago, Daly smokes some 40 cigarettes a day. He also chugs down about 10-12 Diet Cokes in the same period of time. Daly was “having some trouble with the 90-degree heat and had difficulty breathing before going to the hospital.”

John Daly is only 49 years of age, while Greg Norman is 60. Yes, when it comes to slowing down Father Time, you are what you eat, what you drink, and what you smoke. Yet the recently discovered science of epigenetics takes this axiom much further. It is now known that depending upon one’s personal health habits, especially dietary, genes can be turned on and off! Even if one has a genetic predisposition for a specific cancer, such as breast or prostate, the malignancy can possibly be delayed or missed entirely if optimal health habits are enacted. Or, physical travails can occur from enhanced body abuse before their normal due date. Which do you prefer?

Written by: Staff
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