So over a week ago something happened in the NFL that had the sports world abuzz. Critics couldn’t believe it. Here was a seasoned, intelligent quarterback making a decision that just didn’t make any sense. Meanwhile, novice Brain Type enthusiasts were leaning back, thinking, “It makes total sense.”

Sure, every Brain Type can make unwise decisions, but when it comes to tactical, crucial, logical, in-the-moment decision making, the #2 BEAR doesn’t stand near the top. In fact, they would be close to the bottom. We’ve told you this for years, even releasing a “scale” awhile ago detailing the #2 BEAR compared to the #5 FEIR.

#2 BEAR (Eli Manning)
energy level in life: mod. to low
peripheral vision: very good
seeing passing angles: very good
decision making (at QB): good
calling audibles: very good

#5 FEIR (Peyton Manning)
energy level in life:  high
peripheral vision:  excellent
seeing passing angles:  excellent
decision making (at QB):  very good
calling audibles:  excellent

Keep in mind there was no “bad” on this scale, which also included Carson Palmer and the #4 BEAL. Meaning, “good” was the lowest grade, and that’s what the #2 BEAR received under “Decision Making.”  All to say, while they possess other strengths, making tactical decisions is not one of them.

So, in case you missed the headlines, they read, “Eli Manning tells Rashad Jennings not to score in bad loss to Cowboys.”  Eli himself went on to say, “That’s not my decision to do that in that scenario. It was a miscommunication and my mistake. The situation has been described as a “two-minute nightmare,” and to make a long story short, Eli told Jennings to stay out of the end zone on first-and-goal from the Dallas 4, with 1:54 left to play, with a chance to score a TD and possibly go ahead 30-20. I thought they may let us score to get the ball back, so I informed Rashad, If they let you score, don’t score, said Manning. Meanwhile, all coach Tom Coughlin wanted was a TD. That’s all I ever wanted, was to get back to a 10-point lead.”

Manning apparently thought the Cowboys only had 1 time out left, but they had 2.  “I’ve got to do a better job at understanding the circumstances and all the scenarios,” he said. They ended up kicking a field goal, with plenty of time for Tony Romo (#13 FCIR) to march down the field and win the game. Before the field goal, on third down, Eli went for a pass play, and he didn’t run down the clock as he should have. According to one critic, “Calling a pass isn’t a great idea, but it’s fine as long as Eli Manning knows to take a sack and keep the clock moving instead of throwing the ball out of the end zone. Inexplicably, he didn’t. Coughlin took blame for this, but it’s all on Eli.”

And there you have it. We’re human, with some of us more so in specific ways (BT strengths and weaknesses). By all indications Eli genuinely felt bad, taking the blame, and for that we applaud him. Unfortunately, the Giants are 0-2 for the season thus far, coming off a 6-10 record last year, and a 7-9 record the year before that. The loud cries of Eli being a better quarterback than his brother Peyton have become quite distant these days. Yes, Peyton should be remembered as the best Manning of all time, as well as one of (if not) the best quarterbacks to have ever played the game.

Written by: Staff
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