Lamar Odom has been all over the news, with people questioning whether he’ll live to see another day. A few days ago he was found unconscious at a brothel about an hour from Las Vegas, with reports saying he was on large amounts of cocaine while also taking Viagra (and several other pills). When they found him, Odom was “lying in bed on his side with a pinkish fluid coming from his mouth and nose.”  Formerly married to Khloe Kardashian (#1 FEAR), Odom told employees the day he arrived that he was there “to get far away from something.”  The Kardashians have been reported to visit him in the hospital since this occurrence.

Outpourings of love have been streaming in from a number of Lamar’s friends, and knowing his inborn Brain Type, we believe them.

Pau Gasol, Lamar’s opposite Brain Type (#15 FCIL) and former Lakers teammate, had this to say about him. Full of joy, a guy you want to have in your locker room. He’s very unselfish, an incredible guy. I had a lot of memorable moments with him. That’s why it’s so hard to see him fighting for his life. We had a very special bond.”

And from Magic Johnson (#1 FEAR):Every year Lamar Odom was with the Lakers, he would buy the rookies their first 2-3 custom suits, that’s what type of guy he is.”

Khloe Kardashian herself stated recently, “I will never, ever not love Lamar. I was so obsessed with him in a healthy way. He was my husband, and I still wish he was.”

As we step back to evaluate the tragic situation, it’s important to remember that particular designs tend toward homicide, while others suicide. The dominant Animate #2 BEAR tends towards self-flagellation, and while Lamar likely didn’t try to kill himself, he chose the path of self-harm through the means of self-satisfaction, and he sought for it quickly (an Empirical, Right brain tendency). As the Reverend Franklin Graham (#15 FCIL) recently posted, “Former NBA star Lamar Odom was looking for something at a brothel in Nevada, something to ease the pain and void deep inside his heart. Instead it has devastated his life… I am praying for ZLamar Odom and his family.”

Written by: Staff
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